Commit 1443e76b authored by Hrvoje Ribicic's avatar Hrvoje Ribicic
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Add refusal of requests with forbidden parameters

This patch provides the meat of the patch series by wrapping method
handlers in a function which examines parameters, and determines if
any of them are forbidden, whether specific values or in general.
Signed-off-by: default avatarHrvoje Ribicic <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarKlaus Aehlig <>
parent 54352d1e
......@@ -460,6 +460,80 @@ def GetHandler(get_fn, aliases):
return result
# Constant used to denote that a parameter cannot be set
ALL_VALUES_FORBIDDEN = "all_values_forbidden"
def ProduceForbiddenParamDict(class_name, method_name, param_list):
"""Turns a list of parameter names and possibly values into a dictionary.
@type class_name: string
@param class_name: The name of the handler class
@type method_name: string
@param method_name: The name of the HTTP method
@type param_list: list of string or tuple of (string, list of any)
@param param_list: A list of forbidden parameters, specified in the RAPI
handler class
@return: The dictionary of forbidden param names to values or
# A simple error-raising function
def _RaiseError(message):
raise errors.ProgrammerError(
"While examining the %s_FORBIDDEN field of class %s: %s" %
(method_name, class_name, message)
param_dict = {}
for value in param_list:
if isinstance(value, basestring):
param_dict[value] = ALL_VALUES_FORBIDDEN
elif isinstance(value, tuple):
if len(value) != 2:
_RaiseError("Tuples of only length 2 allowed")
param_name, forbidden_values = value
param_dict[param_name] = forbidden_values
_RaiseError("Only strings or tuples allowed, found %s" % value)
return param_dict
def InspectParams(params_dict, forbidden_params, rename_dict):
"""Inspects a dictionary of params, looking for forbidden values.
@type params_dict: dict of string to anything
@param params_dict: A dictionary of supplied parameters
@type forbidden_params: dict of string to string or list of any
@param forbidden_params: The forbidden parameters, with a list of forbidden
values or the constant ALL_VALUES_FORBIDDEN
signifying that all values are forbidden
@type rename_dict: None or dict of string to string
@param rename_dict: The list of parameter renamings used by the method
@raise http.HttpForbidden: If a forbidden param has been set
for param in params_dict:
# Check for possible renames to ensure nothing slips through
if rename_dict is not None and param in rename_dict:
param = rename_dict[param]
# Now see if there are restrictions on this parameter
if param in forbidden_params:
forbidden_values = forbidden_params[param]
if forbidden_values == ALL_VALUES_FORBIDDEN:
raise http.HttpForbidden("The parameter %s cannot be set via RAPI" %
param_value = params_dict[param]
if param_value in forbidden_values:
raise http.HttpForbidden("The parameter %s cannot be set to the value"
" %s via RAPI" % (param, param_value))
class _MetaOpcodeResource(type):
"""Meta class for RAPI resources.
......@@ -501,6 +575,19 @@ class _MetaOpcodeResource(type):
getattr(obj, rename_attr, None),
getattr(obj, fn_attr, obj._GetDefaultData)))
# Finally, the method (generated or not) should be wrapped to handle
# forbidden values
if hasattr(obj, m_attrs.forbidden):
forbidden_dict = ProduceForbiddenParamDict(
obj.__class__.__name__, method, getattr(obj, m_attrs.forbidden)
obj, method, compat.partial(obj._ForbiddenHandler,
getattr(obj, method),
getattr(obj, m_attrs.rename))
return obj
......@@ -553,6 +640,14 @@ class OpcodeResource(ResourceBase):
__metaclass__ = _MetaOpcodeResource
def _ForbiddenHandler(self, method_fn, forbidden_params, rename_dict):
"""Examines provided parameters for forbidden values.
InspectParams(self.queryargs, forbidden_params, rename_dict)
InspectParams(self.request_body, forbidden_params, rename_dict)
return method_fn()
def _GetDefaultData(self):
return (self.request_body, None)
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