Commit 0fe22ad2 authored by Dimitris Aragiorgis's avatar Dimitris Aragiorgis Committed by Thomas Thrainer
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Prepare block_devices runtime entry

With this patch we add another entry in runtime files along with
kvm_cmd, kvm_nics, and hvparams. block_devices that used to be
encapsulated inside kvm_cmd, live now separately just like nics do
but in tupples of (L{objects.Disk}, dev_path).

Introduce also _GetExistingDeviceInfo() helper function to search
for runtime entries. This is going to be useful later in hotplug

Define new exception: HotplugError.
Signed-off-by: default avatarDimitris Aragiorgis <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarThomas Thrainer <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarThomas Thrainer <>
parent a16f0d77
......@@ -102,6 +102,15 @@ class HypervisorError(GenericError):
class HotplugError(HypervisorError):
"""Hotplug-related exception.
This is raised in case a hotplug action fails or is not supported.
It is currently used only by KVM hypervisor.
class ProgrammerError(GenericError):
"""Programming-related error.
......@@ -79,6 +79,80 @@ _SPICE_ADDITIONAL_PARAMS = frozenset([
# below constants show the format of runtime file
# the nics are in second possition, while the disks in 4th (last)
# moreover disk entries are stored in tupples of L{objects.Disk}, dev_path
lambda nic, kvm_nics: [n for n in kvm_nics if n.uuid == nic.uuid],
lambda disk, kvm_disks: [(d, l, u) for (d, l, u) in kvm_disks
if d.uuid == disk.uuid]
constants.HOTPLUG_TARGET_NIC: lambda d: d,
constants.HOTPLUG_TARGET_DISK: lambda (d, e, _): d
constants.HOTPLUG_TARGET_NIC: lambda d, e: d,
constants.HOTPLUG_TARGET_DISK: lambda d, e: (d, e, None)
def _GetExistingDeviceInfo(dev_type, device, runtime):
"""Helper function to get an existing device inside the runtime file
Used when an instance is running. Load kvm runtime file and search
for a device based on its type and uuid.
@type dev_type: sting
@param dev_type: device type of param dev
@type device: L{objects.Disk} or L{objects.NIC}
@param device: the device object for which we generate a kvm name
@type runtime: tuple (cmd, nics, hvparams, disks)
@param runtime: the runtime data to search for the device
@raise errors.HotplugError: in case the requested device does not
exist (e.g. device has been added without --hotplug option) or
device info has not pci slot (e.g. old devices in the cluster)
index = _DEVICE_RUNTIME_INDEX[dev_type]
found = _FIND_RUNTIME_ENTRY[dev_type](device, runtime[index])
if not found:
raise errors.HotplugError("Cannot find runtime info for %s with UUID %s" %
(dev_type, device.uuid))
return found[0]
def _AnalyzeSerializedRuntime(serialized_runtime):
"""Return runtime entries for a serialized runtime file
@type serialized_runtime: string
@param serialized_runtime: raw text data read from actual runtime file
@return: (cmd, nics, hvparams, bdevs)
@rtype: list
loaded_runtime = serializer.Load(serialized_runtime)
if len(loaded_runtime) == 3:
serialized_blockdevs = []
kvm_cmd, serialized_nics, hvparams = loaded_runtime
kvm_cmd, serialized_nics, hvparams, serialized_blockdevs = loaded_runtime
kvm_nics = [objects.NIC.FromDict(snic) for snic in serialized_nics]
block_devices = [(objects.Disk.FromDict(sdisk), link, uri)
for sdisk, link, uri in serialized_blockdevs]
return (kvm_cmd, kvm_nics, hvparams, block_devices)
def _GetTunFeatures(fd, _ioctl=fcntl.ioctl):
"""Retrieves supported TUN features from file descriptor.
......@@ -1451,16 +1525,17 @@ class KVMHypervisor(hv_base.BaseHypervisor):
if hvp[constants.HV_KVM_EXTRA]:
kvm_cmd.extend(hvp[constants.HV_KVM_EXTRA].split(" "))
bdev_opts = self._GenerateKVMBlockDevicesOptions(instance,
# Save the current instance nics, but defer their expansion as parameters,
# as we'll need to generate executable temp files for them.
kvm_nics = instance.nics
kvm_disks = []
for disk, dev_path in block_devices:
kvm_disks.append((disk, dev_path))
kvm_nics = []
for nic in instance.nics:
hvparams = hvp
return (kvm_cmd, kvm_nics, hvparams)
return (kvm_cmd, kvm_nics, hvparams, kvm_disks)
def _WriteKVMRuntime(self, instance_name, data):
"""Write an instance's KVM runtime
......@@ -1486,9 +1561,14 @@ class KVMHypervisor(hv_base.BaseHypervisor):
"""Save an instance's KVM runtime
kvm_cmd, kvm_nics, hvparams = kvm_runtime
kvm_cmd, kvm_nics, hvparams, block_devices = kvm_runtime
serialized_nics = [nic.ToDict() for nic in kvm_nics]
serialized_form = serializer.Dump((kvm_cmd, serialized_nics, hvparams))
serialized_blockdevs = [(blk.ToDict(), link, uri)
for blk, link, uri in block_devices]
serialized_form = serializer.Dump((kvm_cmd, serialized_nics, hvparams,
self._WriteKVMRuntime(, serialized_form)
def _LoadKVMRuntime(self, instance, serialized_runtime=None):
......@@ -1497,10 +1577,8 @@ class KVMHypervisor(hv_base.BaseHypervisor):
if not serialized_runtime:
serialized_runtime = self._ReadKVMRuntime(
loaded_runtime = serializer.Load(serialized_runtime)
kvm_cmd, serialized_nics, hvparams = loaded_runtime
kvm_nics = [objects.NIC.FromDict(snic) for snic in serialized_nics]
return (kvm_cmd, kvm_nics, hvparams)
return _AnalyzeSerializedRuntime(serialized_runtime)
def _RunKVMCmd(self, name, kvm_cmd, tap_fds=None):
"""Run the KVM cmd and check for errors
......@@ -1525,6 +1603,8 @@ class KVMHypervisor(hv_base.BaseHypervisor):
if not self._InstancePidAlive(name)[2]:
raise errors.HypervisorError("Failed to start instance %s" % name)
# 52/50 local variables
# pylint: disable=R0914
def _ExecuteKVMRuntime(self, instance, kvm_runtime, kvmhelp, incoming=None):
"""Execute a KVM cmd, after completing it with some last minute data.
......@@ -1548,7 +1628,7 @@ class KVMHypervisor(hv_base.BaseHypervisor):
temp_files = []
kvm_cmd, kvm_nics, up_hvp = kvm_runtime
kvm_cmd, kvm_nics, up_hvp, block_devices = kvm_runtime
# the first element of kvm_cmd is always the path to the kvm binary
kvm_path = kvm_cmd[0]
up_hvp = objects.FillDict(conf_hvp, up_hvp)
......@@ -1652,6 +1732,10 @@ class KVMHypervisor(hv_base.BaseHypervisor):
self._ConfigureNIC(instance, nic_seq, nic, taps[nic_seq])
bdev_opts = self._GenerateKVMBlockDevicesOptions(instance,
# CPU affinity requires kvm to start paused, so we set this flag if the
# instance is not already paused and if we are not going to accept a
# migrating instance. In the latter case, pausing is not needed.
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