Commit 0ed468d3 authored by Michael Hanselmann's avatar Michael Hanselmann
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Remove more old job queue code

Apparently I forgot to this code when removing the rest.

Reviewed-by: iustinp
parent eb0f0ce0
......@@ -226,72 +226,6 @@ class ClientOps:
raise ValueError("Invalid operation")
def JobRunner(proc, job, context):
"""Job executor.
This functions processes a single job in the context of given
processor instance.
proc: Ganeti Processor to run the job on
job: The job to run (unserialized format)
context: Ganeti shared context
fail = False
for idx, op in enumerate([idx] = opcodes.Job.STATUS_RUNNING
try:[idx] = proc.ExecOpCode(op)[idx] = opcodes.Job.STATUS_SUCCESS
except (errors.OpPrereqError, errors.OpExecError), err:
fail = True[idx] = str(err)[idx] = opcodes.Job.STATUS_FAIL
if fail:
def PoolWorker(worker_id, incoming_queue, context):
"""A worker thread function.
This is the actual processor of a single thread of Job execution.
worker_id: the unique id for this worker
incoming_queue: a queue to get jobs from
context: the common server context, containing all shared data and
synchronization structures.
while True:
logging.debug("worker %s sleeping", worker_id)
item = incoming_queue.get(True)
if item is None:
logging.debug("worker %s processing job %s", worker_id,
proc = mcpu.Processor(context, feedback=lambda x: None)
JobRunner(proc, item, context)
except errors.GenericError, err:
msg = "ganeti exception"
logging.error(msg, exc_info=err)
item.SetStatus(opcodes.Job.STATUS_FAIL, result=[msg])
except Exception, err:
msg = "unhandled exception"
logging.error(msg, exc_info=err)
item.SetStatus(opcodes.Job.STATUS_FAIL, result=[msg])
msg = "unhandled unknown exception"
logging.error(msg, exc_info=True)
item.SetStatus(opcodes.Job.STATUS_FAIL, result=[msg])
logging.debug("worker %s finish job %s", worker_id,
logging.debug("worker %s exiting", worker_id)
class GanetiContext(object):
"""Context common to all ganeti threads.
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