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Add note about running individual test cases

This was asked a few times offline, so let's document it.
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......@@ -141,6 +141,29 @@ for example, in bash via ``.bashrc``::
or in emacs via ``completion-ignored-extensions`` (run ``M-x
customize-var completion-ignored-extensions``).
Running individual tests
When developing code, running the entire test suite can be
slow. Running individual tests is possible easily for unit-tests, less
so for shell-tests (but these are faster, so it shouldn't be needed).
For Python tests::
$ python ./test/ganeti.%mytest%
For Haskell tests::
$ make htest/test && ./htest/test -t %pattern%
Where ``pattern`` can be a simple test pattern (e.g. ``comma``,
matching any test whose name contains ``comma``), a test pattern
denoting a group (ending with a slash, e.g. ``Utils/``), or more
complex glob pattern. For more details, see the documentation (on the
`test-framework homepage
Packaging notes
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