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    ConfigWriter: change cluster serial meaning · cff4c037
    Iustin Pop authored
    Currently, we increase the cluster serial number for instance additions,
    removals and renames. This is conforming with the REST paradigm, however
    it means that for each of these operations, we need to push ssconf
    updates to all nodes.
    In order to support future cases with reduced set of master-eligible
    nodes, we want to reduce the ssconf pushes (which need to be to all
    nodes). This patch changes the meaning for the cluster serial number so
    that it doesn't track instance operations at all.
    This means that addition of an instance can fail due to concurrent
    additions, even if the cluster serial has not changed. It slightly
    breaks the REST paradigm, but IMHO it's better for actual usage.
    Reviewed-by: ultrotter
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