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    Merge branch 'stable-2.12' into master · 3c8877d0
    Hrvoje Ribicic authored
    * stable-2.12
      Add the old LV reservation code to mocked config
      Let ConfigWriter call WConfd for reserving LVs
      Export the function for reserving LVs for WConfd's RPC
      Handle reservations of temporary logical volumes in WConfd
      Add Haskell functions for listing LVs of instances
      Add 'fromList' to MultiMap
      Add (de)serialization tests for LogicalVolume
      Add a Haskell data type for logical volumes
      Add a monad for validation
      Provide correct priority
      Relax times
      Make mcpu use wconfd's asynchronous requests
      Add UpdateLocksWaiting and HasPendingRequest to MockClient
      Expose updateLocksWaiting through WConfD
      Expose hasPendingRequest in WConfD
      Expose the LockWaiting read-only as well
      Add a predicate for having a pending request
      Fix a conflict that occurred in a merge from 2.12
      Adapt test data
      Fix the testing configuration for upgrading from 2.11
      Break line longer than 80 chars
      fix number of empty lines
      Forcefully start the temporary wconfd
      Make WConfD also verify its master position
      Move the handling of the voting-related options to Utils
      Move master verification to utils collection
      Start noded before wconfd
      Count manipulated jobs when selecting jobs to run
      When a dead job is detected, just check its error status
      Add helper function for working on a running job
      Add a list of jobs that are being manipulated to the queue
      Make getFQDN honor vcluster
      Document --no-voting and --yes-do-it in luxid man page
      Make luxid verify master status at startup
      Provide options no-voting and yes-do-it
      Provide constants for the master voting
      Add isLeft from Data.Either explicitly
      Export getFQDN
      Add RPC call master_node_name
      Fix startup order of luxid
      Override disk labels and introduce 'OS_SCRIPT'
      Add helper function to generate disk labels
      Extend export OS to override environment
      Change temporary disk from readonly to read-write
      Fix docstring
      Remove Ganeti Lock Manager and Monitor
      Demote a node from MCs only after the config. is updated
      Move configuration flush to a synchronized block
      Ensure full configuration distribution if MCs change
      Add the old DRBD secrets reservation code to mocked config
      Let ConfigWriter delegate DRBD secrets to WConfd
      Add DRBD secrets to temporary reservations
      A function for listing all DRBD secrets in a cluster
      Use a type alias for DRBD secrets
      Move collecting DRBD disk data to a generalized function
      Move generateOneMAC to the new Utils.Random module
      Add a module for randomized computations
      Add '--install-image' and '--zeroing-image' to man
      Add man documentation for '--instance-communication-network'
    * stable-2.11
      Assume that instance keys might not be present in watcher
      Modify 'Hypervisor.ListInstances' to exclude user downs
      Extend QA for instance user down
      Allow instance start for user down instances
      Modify watcher to properly cleanup user down instances
      Modify instance shutdown to optionally mark as user down
      Fix instance queries to correctly report USER_down
      Modify config to update 'admin_state_source'
      Add field 'admin_state_source' to unit tests
      Add field 'admin_state_source' to the Instance class
      Add type 'AdminStateSource', tracks changes to 'admin_state'
      luxid: report error-down when user shutdown not allowed
      Correctly report user-down instance status
      Use standard 'Raise' method for LU exceptions
      Remove unnecessary list copying
      Use keyword args when passing 'hvparams' to 'ListInstances'
      Fix whitespace
      Fix typo in docstring
    * stable-2.10
      Revision bump for 2.10.5
      Add NEWS file for 2.10.5
      Check drbd helper only in VM capable nodes
      'Raise' called inside 'CheckPrereq' needs the prereq kw
    * stable-2.9
      (no changes)
    * stable-2.8
      Fix QA patching functionality
    Signed-off-by: default avatarHrvoje Ribicic <riba@google.com>
    Reviewed-by: default avatarKlaus Aehlig <aehlig@google.com>
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