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    A bunch of doc and other small fixes · 949bdabe
    Iustin Pop authored
    This patch adds a couple of both externally and internally reported
      - missing SGML tags (Issue 54), report and patch by superdupont
      - wrong variable used in the init.d script, report and patch by
        Karsten Keil <karsten-keil@t-online.de>
      - man page for gnt-instance reinstall needs clarification (Issue 56)
      - gnt-instance man page missing --disks documentation for
      - gnt-node modify help output is unclear about the -C/-D/-O input
        format, and the man page doesn't document this command at all
      - “gnt-node modify -C yes” for offline or drained nodes had wrong
        error message
      - “gnt-instance reinstall --select-os” has wrong prompt, we only
        accept a number for the OS and not the template name
    Reviewed-by: ultrotter