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    Fix the ssh change which breaks remote ssh commands · 72f0f7fd
    Iustin Pop authored
    Explanation: since we use lists and not a string, every argument we give
    is passed unchanged to the remote shell. So, for example, passing
    '/etc/init.d/ganeti restart' to the remote shell, it will try to run the
    path /etc/init.d/ganeti\ restart. With the s space included. This
    breaks, for example, gnt-node add and gnt-cluster command.
    The original problem with the backup routines that led to the "'" change
    is that they use a plain " ".join(list), but we don't need to quote the
    whole ssh remote command for this. We can simply use the existing
    utils.ShellQuoteCmd(list) which does the proper quoting of the ';' or
    '&&' metacharacters.
    With this change, both gnt-node add, gnt-cluster command and
    export/import work.
    This also improves the error-handling behaviour of one cat command by
    making it conditional on the preceding mkdir.
    Reviewed-by: ultrotter