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    Change the Node.group attribute · 10ef6b4e
    Iustin Pop authored
    Currently, the Node.group attribute is the UUID of the group, as until
    recently Ganeti didn't export the node group properties. Since it does
    so now, we make the following changes (again apologies for a big
    - we change the group attribute to be an index, similar to the way an
      Instance.pnode and snode attributes point to the parent node(s)
    - on load, we read the group.uuid attribute and we use that to lookup
      the actual group index, from previously-loaded groups info
    - this means that we now first read groups, then read nodes using the
      group info, and then read instances using the node info
    This patch leaves a few functions showing the group index (ugly since
    it's htools internal), will be converted later.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarIustin Pop <iustin@google.com>
    Reviewed-by: default avatarBalazs Lecz <leczb@google.com>
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