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    Modify the displayed format for gnt-os diagnose · 107b0ccb
    Guido Trotter authored
    Get rid of the tabulated form and create a simplier indented structure.
    Now a valid OS looks something like:
    OS: foo [global status: partial valid]
      Node: gsdtest4.euw.corp.google.com, status: valid (path: /usr/local/lib/ganeti/os/foo)
      Node: gsdtest5.euw.corp.google.com, status: valid (path: /usr/local/lib/ganeti/os/foo)
        [hidden] path: /usr/local/lib/ganeti/os2/foo, status: 'ganeti_api_version' file not found (ENOENT)
      Node: gsdtest3.euw.corp.google.com, status: 'ganeti_api_version' file not found (ENOENT) (path: /usr/local/lib/ganeti/os/foo)
    Reviewed-By: imsnah
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