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    Adding batch-create to gnt-instance · 0d0e9090
    René Nussbaumer authored
    This change is part of the integration of tools/batcher from
    Ganeti 1.2 into Ganeti 2.0 core code. It has a compatible
    submission interface to the version from 1.2 with these differences:
    * it's integrated into Ganeti directly: gnt-instance batch-create
    * iallocator is now provided by the instance specs
    * log is now held within Ganeti
    * no force needed
    * no sleep needed
    * memory and vcpus goes now into beparams
    * missing stuff from the TODO (see below)
    Open TODOs:
    * Implement notification about creation status/interactive part (top like)
    * Backup instance allocation specs?
    * Document usage and spec format
    Reviewed-by: iustinp
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