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LAM-53 Created Ansible role for service vm.

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python needs to be installed.
Doesn't use virtual env.
\ No newline at end of file
- name: Install Django using Pip.
pip: name=Django
- name: Install Django connector for PostgreSQL.
pip: name=psycopg2
- name: Download Django code from Github.
git: repo= dest=/root/okeanos-LoD
- name: Upgrade packages.
apt: upgrade=dist update_cache=yes
- name: Install Python Pip.
apt: name=python-pip state=latest
- name: Include django-install tasks.
include: django-install.yml
- name: Include github tasks.
include: github.yml
- name: Include postgresql-install tasks.
include: postgresql-install.yml
- name: Install PosgreSQL.
apt: name=postgresql state=latest
- name: Install PostgreSQL header files.
apt: name=libpd-dev state=latest
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