Commit af6e6598 authored by Ioannis Tsafaras's avatar Ioannis Tsafaras
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Fix application upload test

parent 8644642e
......@@ -38,11 +38,13 @@ class TestApplicationUpload(APITestCase):
application_type_streaming = "streaming"
# project_name
project_name = ""
# project_id
project_id = uuid.uuid4()
# execution_environment_name
execution_environment_name = "Stream"
user_projects = [
{'name': "", 'id': uuid.uuid4()},
{'name': "", 'id': project_id},
{'name': "project_1", 'id': uuid.uuid4()},
{'name': "project_2", 'id': uuid.uuid4()},
{'name': "project_3", 'id': uuid.uuid4()},
......@@ -109,10 +111,14 @@ class TestApplicationUpload(APITestCase):
# Test for uploading an application when all the required information are provided
# but there is already an application with the same name uploaded.
def test_existent_name(self):
def test_existent_name(self, mock_get_user_okeanos_projects):
# Configure return values for mocks
mock_get_user_okeanos_projects.return_value = self.user_projects
# Create an application on the database.
Application.objects.create(uuid=uuid.uuid4(), name="existing_application.jar",
type=Application.BATCH, project_id=self.project_id)
# file
existing_application = SimpleUploadedFile("existing_application.jar", "Hello World")
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