Commit a253f9ba authored by Georgios Ouzounis's avatar Georgios Ouzounis
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Remove deprecated test for lambda instance destroy API call

parent 1804473a
...@@ -812,36 +812,6 @@ class LambdaInstanceDestroy(APITestCase): ...@@ -812,36 +812,6 @@ class LambdaInstanceDestroy(APITestCase):
CustomAlreadyDoneError.messages['lambda_instance_already']. CustomAlreadyDoneError.messages['lambda_instance_already'].
format(state="destroyed")) format(state="destroyed"))
# Test for destroying a lambda instance when its status is CLUSTER_FAILED.
def test_cluster_failed_status(self):
# Change the status of the lambda instance to CLUSTER_FAILED.
self.lambda_instance.status = LambdaInstance.CLUSTER_FAILED
# Make a request to destroy the lambda instance.
response = self.client.delete("/api/lambda-instances/{id}/".
# Assert the response code.
self.assertEqual(response.status_code, status.HTTP_409_CONFLICT)
# Assert the structure of the response.
self.assertEqual(len(['errors']), 1)
for error in['errors']:
self.assertIn('status', error)
self.assertIn('detail', error)
# Assert the contents of the response.
self.assertEqual(['errors'][0]['status'], status.HTTP_409_CONFLICT)
format(action="destroy", object="a lambda instance",
class TestLambdaInstanceStart(APITestCase): class TestLambdaInstanceStart(APITestCase):
""" """
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