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Implemented lambda application run faq on Central VM.

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<h3 class="box-title">How to run my application</h3>
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<div class="pad"> Follow the steps described in this section to run your own app.
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<h3 class="box-title">Short guide on how to run a Lambda Application</h3>
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<h1>Run Lambda Application</h1>
In order to create a Lambda Application, you can follow the {{#link-to 'faqs.lambda-application.create'}}how to create my own app{{/link-to}}
guide. Once you have created and built your application(created the jar with dependencies), you can upload it on your LoD Service VM and deploy
it on one or more Lambda Instances. To do that follow the guide below.
<p><img src="assets/img/usage7-12.png" alt="usage7-12.png" width="750"></p>
<li>Select Applications from the upper left menu of options</li>
<li>On the main window select the button "Upload an Application"</li>
<li>Fill in the form, select the jar file to upload and press "Submit" when ready</li>
<li>Note the progress bar as the application uploads</li>
<li>Upload is completed</li>
<li>On the Applications page select the Application you have just uploaded (click on its name)</li>
<p><img src="assets/img/usage13-15.png" alt="usage13-15.png" width="750"></p>
<ol start="7">
<li>Select the "Deploy on a Lambda Instance" button</li>
<li>On the list of Lambda Instances available select the one you want to use for running this specific application and</li>
<li>Select to start your application once it has been deployed on the Lambda Instance</li>
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