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LAM-38 First implementation of vm provisioning

parent 4358a8ae
from os.path import join, expanduser
from ConfigParser import ConfigParser
from kamaki.clients import ClientError
from kamaki.clients.utils import https
from kamaki.cli.config import Config as KamakiConfig
import argparse
from kamaki.clients import astakos, cyclades
def parse_kamakirc(filepath=None):
Parse the kamaki configuration
parser = ConfigParser()
# Default to ~/.kamakirc if filepath is not given
if filepath == None:
filepath = join(expanduser('~'), ".kamakirc")
return parser
class Provisioner:
Provisioner is responsible to provision virtual machines for a specified
okeanos team
def __init__(self, cloud_name, project_name):
self.project_name = project_name
# Load .kamakirc configuration
self.config = KamakiConfig()
cloud_section = self.config._sections['cloud'][cloud_name]
# Get the authentication url and token
auth_url, auth_token = cloud_section['url'], cloud_section['token']
# Create the astakos client
self.astakos = astakos.AstakosClient(auth_url, auth_token)
# Create the cyclades client
computeURL = self.astakos.get_endpoint_url(
self.cyclades = cyclades.CycladesComputeClient(computeURL, auth_token)
def find_flavor(self, vcpus=1, ram=1024, disk=40, **kwargs):
:param vcpus: Number of cpus
:param ram: Amount of ram megabytes
:param disk: Amount of disk gigabytes
:param kwargs:
:return: first flavor objects that matches the criteria
for flavor in self.cyclades.list_flavors(detail=True):
if flavor['ram'] == ram and flavor['vcpus'] == vcpus and flavor['disk'] == disk:
return flavor
return None
def find_image(self, image_name="debian", version="", **kwargs):
for image in self.cyclades.list_images(detail=True):
if image_name in image['name'] and version in image['name']:
return image
return None
def find_project_id(self, **kwargs):
filter = {
'name': kwargs.get("project_name")
return self.astakos.get_projects(**filter)[0]
def create_vm(self, vm_name=None, **kwargs):
flavor_id = self.find_flavor(**kwargs)['id']
image_id = self.find_image(**kwargs)['id']
project_id = self.find_project_id(**kwargs)['id']
print self.cyclades.create_server(name=vm_name, flavor_id=flavor_id,
image_id=image_id, project_id=project_id,
except ClientError as ex:
print ex
if __name__ == "__main__":
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description="Okeanos VM provisioning")
parser.add_argument('--cloud', type=str, dest="cloud", default="lambda")
parser.add_argument('--project-name', type=str, dest="project_name", default="lambda.grnet.gr")
args = parser.parse_args()
provisioner = Provisioner(cloud_name=args.cloud, project_name=args.project_name)
provisioner.create_vm(vm_name="to mikro ubuntu sto livadi", project_name=args.project_name)
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