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site_name: Lambda on Demand Service
- Home: ''
- Lambda Service API:
- Home: 'lambda-api/'
- Authentication: 'lambda-api/'
- Create Lambda Instance: 'lambda-api/'
- List Lambda Instances: 'lambda-api/'
- Details of a Lambda Instance: 'lambda-api/'
- Actions on a Lambda Instance: 'lambda-api/'
- Destroy a Lambda Instance: 'lambda-api/'
- Upload an Application: 'lambda-api/'
- Delete an Application: 'lambda-api/'
- List Applications: 'lambda-api/'
- Details of an Application: 'lambda-api/'
- Deploy an Application: 'lambda-api/'
- Withdraw an Application: 'lambda-api/'
- List Deployed Applications: 'lambda-api/'
- Start an Application: 'lambda-api/'
- Stop an Application: 'lambda-api/'
- Get SSH public keys on ~okeanos: 'lambda-api/'
- Get allowed VM Parameter Values: 'lambda-api/'
- Lambda Central API:
- 'Home': 'central-api/'
- 'User API calls': 'central-api/'
- 'Lamdba Instances API calls': 'central-api/'
- 'Lamdba Applications API calls': 'central-api/'
- About:
- 'License': 'about/'
theme: readthedocs
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