Unverified Commit 6e2b6cc0 authored by Ioannis Tsafaras's avatar Ioannis Tsafaras Committed by Avraam Tsantekidis
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LAM-42 Ansible squid proxy config

parent b8258592
internal_ip: ""
local_net: ""
- name: Include tasks for master.
include: master.yml
- master-install
- name: Install squid http proxy
apt: name=squid3 state=latest
tags: install
- name: Configure squid http proxy
lineinfile: destfile="/etc/squid3/squid.conf" regexp="^acl localnet" insertafter="^#acl localnet"
line="acl localnet src {{ hostvars[master-node]["local_net"] }}"
tags: config
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