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LAM-38 added more filters to find_project

* Also removed unused expreriment code
parent 97f42752
from os.path import join, expanduser
from ConfigParser import ConfigParser
from __future__ import __all__
from kamaki.clients import ClientError
from kamaki.clients.utils import https
from kamaki.cli.config import Config as KamakiConfig
# TODO: remove this and actually use ssl cert files
import argparse
......@@ -12,20 +12,6 @@ import argparse
from kamaki.clients import astakos, cyclades
def parse_kamakirc(filepath=None):
Parse the kamaki configuration
parser = ConfigParser()
# Default to ~/.kamakirc if filepath is not given
if filepath == None:
filepath = join(expanduser('~'), ".kamakirc")
return parser
class Provisioner:
Provisioner is responsible to provision virtual machines for a specified
......@@ -58,36 +44,53 @@ class Provisioner:
:param ram: Amount of ram megabytes
:param disk: Amount of disk gigabytes
:param kwargs:
:return: first flavor objects that matches the criteria
:return: first flavor objects that matches the specs criteria
for flavor in self.cyclades.list_flavors(detail=True):
if flavor['ram'] == ram and flavor['vcpus'] == vcpus and flavor['disk'] == disk:
return flavor
return None
def find_image(self, image_name="debian", version="", **kwargs):
def find_image(self, image_name="debian", **kwargs):
:param image_name: Name of the image to filter by
:param kwargs:
:return: first image object that matches the name criteria
for image in self.cyclades.list_images(detail=True):
if image_name in image['name'] and version in image['name']:
if image_name in image['name']:
return image
return None
def find_project_id(self, **kwargs):
:param kwargs: name, state, owner and mode to filter project by
:return: first project_id that matches the project name
filter = {
'name': kwargs.get("project_name")
'name': kwargs.get("project_name"),
'state': kwargs.get("project_state"),
'owner': kwargs.get("project_owner"),
'mode': kwargs.get("project_mode"),
return self.astakos.get_projects(**filter)[0]
def create_vm(self, vm_name=None, **kwargs):
:param vm_name: Name of the virtual machine to create
:param kwargs: passed to the functions called for detail options
flavor_id = self.find_flavor(**kwargs)['id']
image_id = self.find_image(**kwargs)['id']
project_id = self.find_project_id(**kwargs)['id']
print self.cyclades.create_server(name=vm_name, flavor_id=flavor_id,
image_id=image_id, project_id=project_id,
okeanos_response = self.cyclades.create_server(name=vm_name, flavor_id=flavor_id,
image_id=image_id, project_id=project_id,
except ClientError as ex:
print ex
raise ex
return okeanos_response
if __name__ == "__main__":
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