1. 25 Apr, 2016 1 commit
  2. 24 Apr, 2016 1 commit
    • Zenon Mousmoulas's avatar
      Refactor views.utils.create_links_dict() for speed · 11c2cfc0
      Zenon Mousmoulas authored
      This iterates through all Link interfaces (in the typical use case this means
      all backbone interfaces, which can be a lot) and searches for all DataSources
      (via ifce.as_dict() -> ifce.get_datasources()), which hits the database with
      (somewhat) expensive queries, one for each ifce.
      Refactor so the database is hit only once with a list of ifce IDs, using a
      larger query which is considerably faster than the previous alternative.
      However this inevitably means sacrificing Django QuerySet semantics.
  3. 22 Apr, 2016 1 commit
  4. 07 Apr, 2016 6 commits
    • Sergios Aftsidis's avatar
      [RG-n2ntraffic] Replace reverse with get_draw_url · fa8d1f59
      Sergios Aftsidis authored
      Reverse resolution of graph's pngs has been replaced with
      calls to graph.get_draw_url(). Directly referencing these
      pngs is not necessary since the get_graw_url() returns
      the '/draw/static' mapping which caches the pngs as well.
    • Sergios Aftsidis's avatar
      [RG-n2ntraffic] Add get_graph_for_node_link · 5fd9db35
      Sergios Aftsidis authored
      This new function implements the previous functionality that
      views/api:link() had. It no longer uses 'Links' objects to
      resolve a node link, but directly searches for the required
      'Graph' object. Then, if the 'separate' argument is provided,
      calls graph_for_each interface' to get all the separate graphs
      that form this aggregation, otherwise just returns the png of
      the aggregate graph using a reverse url resolution of 'get-png-data'.
    • Sergios Aftsidis's avatar
      [RG-n2ntraffic] Change graph_for_each_interface · bdf1c05d
      Sergios Aftsidis authored
      Function has been altered to use the newly implemented logic.
      The aggregate graph (Total)  is aquired with a reverse call
      to get-png-data. Parameters start, end have been removed
      as we do not want to create graphs dynamically any longer.
    • Sergios Aftsidis's avatar
      [RG-n2ntraffic] Import Graph model · 727e5d74
      Sergios Aftsidis authored
    • Sergios Aftsidis's avatar
      [RG-n2ntraffic] Move api function logic to utils · 2833179f
      Sergios Aftsidis authored
      The logic of this function was split among 2 different files.
      This simplifies / moves the whole logic to views/utils.py
    • Sergios Aftsidis's avatar
      [RG-n2ntraffic] Fixes in js · 4608ba28
      Sergios Aftsidis authored
      This alters the 'script.js' file. Changed the produced title for
      node link panel.
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