Commit 1a027aae authored by Sergios Aftsidis's avatar Sergios Aftsidis
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Correct args

parent ec871ead
......@@ -133,9 +133,9 @@ def link(request, from_node, to_node, separate=False, fake=''):
datasources = [val for sublist in datasources for val in sublist]
if not separate:
if start and end:
url = create_graph_for_interfaces(datasources, start, end, dryrun) or False
url = create_graph_for_interfaces(datasources, start, end, dryrun=dryrun) or False
url = create_graph_for_interfaces(datasources, dryrun) or False
url = create_graph_for_interfaces(datasources, dryrun=dryrun) or False
result = {'links': response, 'graph': url}
if start and end:
......@@ -117,7 +117,13 @@ def graph_for_each_interface(datasources, start='-1d', end='-100'):
return response
def create_graph_for_interfaces(datasources, start=None, end=None, dryrun=False):
def create_graph_for_interfaces(datasources, start=None, end=None, **kwargs):
if 'dryrun' in kwargs:
dryrun = kwargs['dryrun']
dryrun = False
if not start:
start = '-1d'
if not end:
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