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      Escape characters in CLI output methods · 5852db11
      Stavros Sachtouris authored
      Closes grnet/kamaki#32
      Kamaki CLI commands use some generic output methods to handle outputs.
      Generic output methods that escape control characters:
      - in kamaki.cli.utils: print_items, print_dict, print_list
      - in kamaki.cli.cmds: error
      Generic output methods that don't escape control characters:
      - in kamaki.cli.cmds: writeln, write
      The methods that don't escape control characters are used when the
      standard methods are not sufficient. For example, in "kamaki.cli.pithos"
      the "PithosAccount.print_objects" method adds decorative escape characters
      (i.e., bold, alignment), but has to escape the parts object and container
      names. To achieve this, escaping is handled in the method, and the output
      is printed with the "write" and "writeln" methods mentioned earlier.
      An encoding issue with kamaki.cli.errors.CLIError and the Exceptions extending it,
      is fixed. It is now ensured that the error message will always be in unicode.
      Also, fix flake8 errors on files affected by the above changes
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      Initialize kamaki clients with default certs path · 14ef92cb
      Stavros Sachtouris authored
      Refs #55
      If no CA certificates are set, kamaki clients will use
      CACERTS_DEFAULT_PATH from "kamaki.defaults".
      This commit concerns applications using "kamaki.clients", but does
      not affect the kamaki CLI.
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      Add ignore-ssl and ca-certs options to CLI · 96a0b656
      Stavros Sachtouris authored
      Refs #54
      Both options are set either in the config file or as runtime
      ignore-ssl option allows connections without checking SSL certificates.
      The ca-certs option provides a CA file for SSL authentication.
      Normally, if no cert files are provided or they are invalid, kamaki
      attempts to connect anyway, and an SSL Error ensues.
      If ignore-ssl is set to "on", kamaki connects to servers regardless of
      the existence or validity of a cert file and all SSL errors are ignored.
      To help package maintainers to provide the correct CA file for their platform,
      the default path is set in "kamaki/defaults.py" as CACERTS_DEFAULT_PATH
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      Patch objpool.http to support SSL Authentication · e70e95c2
      Stavros Sachtouris authored
      Refs #54
      The module objpool.http provides pooled connections without SSL
      A new connection class is implemented in kamaki.clients.utils.https
      The name of the class is HTTPSClientAuthConnection
      The PooledHTTPConnection is patched to provide HTTPSClientAuthConnection
      instances as https connections.
      Also, astakosclient module is patched to use the same https connection class.
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      Report error in case of incorrectly encoded terms · 55226564
      Stavros Sachtouris authored
      Fixes #41
      This bug was located at the code that parses the command terms.
      If a term is invalid with respect to the current locale settings,
      an "Unknown error" was being raised.
      Kamaki is now reporting a descriptive error with a reference to
      the faulty term.
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