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Implement user_get/set for session user

Refs: #3632

user_info --> user_get
Each kamaki session has a session user
The user defined in the config file through cloud....token
During the session, kamaki users may authenticate more users by tokens
and switch between them with user_set command
When authenticating a user, kamaki asks if you need to store this users
token as the session token
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......@@ -32,13 +32,12 @@
# or implied, of GRNET S.A.command
from kamaki.cli import command
from kamaki.cli.argument import ValueArgument
from kamaki.clients.astakos import AstakosClient
from kamaki.cli.commands import (
_command_init, errors, _optional_json, addLogSettings)
from kamaki.cli.command_tree import CommandTree
from kamaki.cli.errors import CLIBaseUrlError
from kamaki.cli.utils import print_dict
from kamaki.cli.errors import CLIBaseUrlError, CLIError
from kamaki.cli.utils import print_dict, ask_user
user_cmds = CommandTree('user', 'Astakos API commands')
_commands = [user_cmds]
......@@ -89,6 +88,12 @@ class user_authenticate(_user_init, _optional_json):
token_bu = self.client.token
r = self.client.authenticate(custom_token)
if (token_bu != self.client.token and
ask_user('Permanently save token as cloud.%s.token ?' % (
self.config.set_cloud(, 'token', self.client.token)
except Exception:
#recover old token
self.client.token = token_bu
......@@ -114,17 +119,49 @@ class user_list(_user_init, _optional_json):
class user_info(_user_init, _optional_json):
"""Get info for current or selected user"""
arguments = dict(
token=ValueArgument('Use this instead of current token', ('--token'))
class user_get(_user_init, _optional_json):
"""Get session user"""
def _run(self):
self._print(self.client.user_info(self['token']), print_dict)
self._print(self.client.user_info(), print_dict)
def main(self):
super(self.__class__, self)._run()
class user_set(_user_init, _optional_json):
"""Set session user by id
To enrich your options, authenticate more users:
/user authenticate <other user token>
To list authenticated users
/user list
To get the current session user
/user get
def _run(self, uuid):
for user in self.client.list_users():
if user.get('id', None) in (uuid,):
ntoken = user['auth_token']
if ntoken == self.client.token:
print('%s (%s) is already the session user' % (
self.client.token = user['auth_token']
print('Session user set to %s (%s)' % (
raise CLIError(
'User with UUID %s not authenticated in current session' % uuid,
'To authenticate a user', ' /user authenticate <t0k3n>'])
def main(self, uuid):
super(self.__class__, self)._run()
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