Commit fe3b6bef authored by Stavros Sachtouris's avatar Stavros Sachtouris
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Handle _membership_action result as non-dict

parent 664ab9c5
...@@ -771,10 +771,8 @@ class _membership_action(_astakos_init, _optional_json): ...@@ -771,10 +771,8 @@ class _membership_action(_astakos_init, _optional_json):
@errors.generic.all @errors.generic.all
@astakoserror @astakoserror
def _run(self, memb_id, quote_a_reason): def _run(self, memb_id, quote_a_reason):
self._print( self._print(self.client.membership_action(
self.client.membership_action( self.token, memb_id, self.action, quote_a_reason))
self.token, memb_id, self.action, quote_a_reason),
def main(self, membership_id, quote_a_reason=''): def main(self, membership_id, quote_a_reason=''):
super(_membership_action, self)._run() super(_membership_action, self)._run()
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