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Kamaki project documentation
Kamaki is a simple, yet intuitive, command-line tool for managing clouds. Run
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./kamaki is a simple, yet intuitive, command-line tool for managing clouds. Run
it without arguments to see a list of available commands.
It is an initial implementation of the OpenStack Compute API, v1.1, with custom
extensions specific to the Synnefo IaaS cloud management software.
./kamaki is open source and released under a 2-clause BSD Licence.
**Warning:** Kamaki is still a work in progress and can not yet authenticate
with *Nova*.
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Here, at the `Greek Research and Technology Network <>`_, we have been developing an IaaS
cloud management software called **synnefo** (or **+nefo**) that is accessed and managed
via the OpenStack Compute API v1.1. We have also recently deployed synnefo in one of our
datacenters to provide the `~okeanos <>`_ IaaS service to the Greek Research and Academic
Community (currenty in alpha testing phase).
From the early start, we needed a simple command-line tool to test the OpenStack API.
That's why we developed ./kamaki, which proved to be powerful and intuitive enough,
to be used not only for testing purposes but also as a complete Openstack Compute API v1.1
client, able to manage our cloud from the command line.
Once it proved so useful to us, we decided to open the source, so the community can benefit
from it, and ./kamaki can benefit from the community too.
Who uses ./kamaki?
./kamaki is currently used internally in GRNET by the development team to test the synnefo
software, by the deployment team who operates the ~okeanos service and by all the alpha
testers using the ~okeanos service and want to access the service from the command line.
Contributing and helping out
For the ./kamaki to improve and be useful to others too, your help is very important.
Any contributions and bug reports will be highly appreciated. Using ./kamaki and sending
us feedback is also a good start.
Community & Support
For any problems you may bump into while using ./kamaki or for help from the development
team please refer to the following links:
* Feedback:
* Bug-reports:
* Support:
* Appear on the ./kamaki users section:
Please be sure to have read the Documentation and check the known `issues <>`_ before
contacting the team.
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