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Add the Changelog for 0.6.2

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1. Clients API relies on objpool instead of snf-common for connection pooling
2. MS Windows compatiblity:
* adjust pithos interface
* adjust pithos client local fs handling
* progress bar configuration not to rely on unicode characters
* adjust hidden Clients API unittests
3. Update documentation:
* rearange text for easier setup
* document undocumented methods in Clients API and cli auxiliary methods
* MS Windows setup guide
4. Improve interface output:
* detailed description mechanism
* uniformity between shell and one-command
* various command-specific improvements
* new print_list, print_dict and print_item methods have:
- better indentation
- enumeration flag
- redundancy of presented information flag
* mechanism for more descriptive syntax errors and arguments help
5. Improve error handling:
* concrete mechanism for client error propagation
* catch some unhandled errors
* mechanism for detailed error descriptions
* context-specific errors
* showcase error handling in store_list
6. CLI Code restructure:
* Introduce ArgumentParseManager class to manage argument parsing
* Introduce a seperate one_command package for handling one_command
* clean-up main CLI code (move interface-specific methods to their pckgs)
7. New history capabilities:
* allow command ranges
* allow backward counting
* in-shell sequensial script-like execution of previous commands
8. Minor new features:
* store_publish returns publication url
* store_list can list with prefixes instead of full path
* hidden optional testing of quoted text and cli.utils.print_* methods
* shell prompt easy to modify
9. Bugfixes:
* Shell does not repeat previous command in case of error
* handle ValueErrors and KeyErrors
* config set values are effective immidiately
* unwanted argument inheritance in shell, removed
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