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Manifest Changelog

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CHANGELOG for version 0.6.3 CHANGELOG for version 0.6.4
1. Introduce a quotaholder client (and primitive cli) 1. Clean up CLI error handling code
2. Enrich output responses and error reporting with instructions per command 2. Unify and improve data size units presentation
3. Unified result output 3. Ask for user permission at store-delete
4. Stabilize error handling (crashes are much less frequent) 4. Intuitive semantics for store-move/copy/upload
5. Dynamic upper limit on threads when uploading 5. Dynamically limit max number of threads
6. Update documentation 6. Various CLI and dependency fixes
7. Restructure CLI code to clarify what is used in each interface mode \ No newline at end of file
\ No newline at end of file
include README.rst COPYRIGHT include README.rst COPYRIGHT Changelog
recursive-include docs * recursive-include docs *
prune docs/_build prune docs/_build
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