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Add docstrings to a number of client methods

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......@@ -134,19 +134,32 @@ class Client(object):
# Servers
def list_servers(self, detail=False):
"""List servers, returned detailed output if detailed is True"""
path = '/servers/detail' if detail else '/servers'
reply = self._get(path)
return reply['servers']['values']
def get_server_details(self, server_id):
"""Return detailed output on a server specified by its id"""
path = '/servers/%d' % server_id
reply = self._get(path)
return reply['server']
def create_server(self, name, flavor, image, personality=None):
"""personality is a list of (path, data) tuples"""
def create_server(self, name, flavor_id, image_id, personality=None):
"""Submit request to create a new server
The flavor_id specifies the hardware configuration to use,
the image_id specifies the OS Image to be deployed inside the new
The personality argument is a list of (file path, file contents)
tuples, describing files to be injected into the server upon creation.
The call returns a dictionary describing the newly created server.
req = {'name': name, 'flavorRef': flavor, 'imageRef': image}
req = {'name': name, 'flavorRef': flavor_id, 'imageRef': image_id}
if personality:
p = []
for path, data in personality:
......@@ -159,37 +172,54 @@ class Client(object):
return reply['server']
def update_server_name(self, server_id, new_name):
"""Update the name of the server as reported by the API.
This call does not modify the hostname actually used by the server
path = '/servers/%d' % server_id
body = json.dumps({'server': {'name': new_name}})
self._put(path, body)
def delete_server(self, server_id):
"""Submit a deletion request for a server specified by id"""
path = '/servers/%d' % server_id
def reboot_server(self, server_id, hard=False):
"""Submit a reboot request for a server specified by id"""
path = '/servers/%d/action' % server_id
type = 'HARD' if hard else 'SOFT'
body = json.dumps({'reboot': {'type': type}})
self._post(path, body)
def start_server(self, server_id):
"""Submit a startup request for a server specified by id"""
path = '/servers/%d/action' % server_id
body = json.dumps({'start': {}})
self._post(path, body)
def shutdown_server(self, server_id):
"""Submit a shutdown request for a server specified by id"""
path = '/servers/%d/action' % server_id
body = json.dumps({'shutdown': {}})
self._post(path, body)
def get_server_console(self, server_id):
"""Get a VNC connection to the console of a server specified by id"""
path = '/servers/%d/action' % server_id
body = json.dumps({'console': {'type': 'vnc'}})
reply = self._cmd('POST', path, body, 200)
return reply['console']
def set_firewall_profile(self, server_id, profile):
"""Set the firewall profile for the public interface of a server
The server is specified by id, the profile argument
path = '/servers/%d/action' % server_id
body = json.dumps({'firewallProfile': {'profile': profile}})
self._cmd('POST', path, body, 202)
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