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CHANGELOG for version 0.9
Bug Fixes:
- Stop shell from destroying the config instance
- Shell can manage all valid command line arguments [#3716]
- Restore 2nd level command syntax in shell [#3736]
- Allow copy of deleted objects by refering to older version [#3737]
- Add image.add_member missing content-length header
- Do not unpublish by default in all pithos low level requests [#3780]
- Unquote http respons headers
- Change context: kamaki-image-addproperty --> kamaki-image-compute-property
- http logger names: clients.recv/send --> kamaki.clients.recv/send
- Move logger creation and control (except of the actuall logging) to cli
- These PithosClient methods return the metadata of created object [#3656]:
upload_object, upload_object_unchunked, create_object_by_manifestation
- Cache container info per upload session [#3735]
- Disallow moving deleted objects by version [#3737]
This operation was implemented by accident, due to the symetry between
move and copy
- Rename file/server-meta commands to file/server-metadata
- Rename image-[add|del]member commands to members-[add|delete]
- Remove update option from image-register
- In image-compute split properties to properties-list and properties-get
- Add optional output to methods[#3756, #3732]:
- file:
mkdir, touch, create, move, copy, move, append, truncate, overwrite,
manifest, upload, delete, purge, unpublish, permissions set/delete, info,
metadata set/delete, containerlimit set, versioning set, group set/delete,
upload, overwrite
- image:
unregister, members add/delete/set
-image compute:
delete, properties delete
- server: rename, delete, reboot, start, shutdown, firewall-set
- network: rename, delete, connect
- Add optional json for methods with output [#3732]
- file:
list, hashmap, permissions-get, info, metadata-get, quota,
containerlimit-get, group-list, sharers, versions
- server: list, info, create, console, addr, metadata-list/set, stats
- image: list, meta, register, shared, list
- image compute: list, info, properties-list/get/add/set
- flavor: list, info
- network: info, list, create
- astakos: authenticate
- Transliterate methods to list-get-set-delete command groups:
- file: permissions, versioning, group and metadata
- image: members, member
- image compute: properties
- server: firewall, metadata
- Add a _format_image_headers method and use it in image_register and get_meta
for uniform image meta output [#3797]
- Rename meta-->metadata and remove values @lib [#3633]
- Adjust astakos authenticate to the new url shchem of synnefo >= 0.14
- A logger module container a set of basic loging method for kamaki [#3668]
set/get_log_filename, add_file/strean_logger, get_logger
- Implement logger.activate/deactivate for loggers [#3715]
- Allow global args (e.g. -d for debug, -v for verbosity) to shell. They
should be used when invoking the shell. After that they are automatically
applied to all commands running in that kamaki shell. [#3716]
- Implement a plankton-side image unregister [#3728]
- Implement purging a non-empty container [#3662]
- Add a -l option to upload, for listing uploaded objects details [#3730]
- Add option to cache container info for upload_object [#3707]
- Add enumeration to all listing commands, make it optional [#3739]
- Add a download_to_string method in pithos client [#3608]
- Add an upload_from_string method in pithos client [#3608]
- Add pithos client method create_container [#3756]
- Store image properties on remote location after image registration [#3769]
- Add runtime args to image register for forcing or unsettitng property
storage [#3769]
- Expand runtime args of image register for managing metadata and metada file
dumps and loads [#3797]
- Add server-firewall-get command to get a VMs firewall profile
- Implement an optional astakosclient cli exposed as "astakos", with the following methods:
authenticate, uuid, username, quotas, service uuid/username/quotas
CHANGELOG for version 0.10
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