Commit e9195e9d authored by Stavros Sachtouris's avatar Stavros Sachtouris
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Remove fstat from clients.utils.readall

Refs: #4871

Fstat was used to compute the actual file size in order to
distinguish if an empty read was because the file ended.
It now considers an empty read to be an end of file.

This allows reading non-regular files.
parent 567a88c2
......@@ -315,17 +315,19 @@ class PithosClient(PithosRestClient):
hash_gen = hash_cb(nblocks)
for i in range(nblocks):
for i in xrange(nblocks):
block = readall(fileobj, min(blocksize, size - offset))
bytes = len(block)
if bytes <= 0:
hash = _pithos_hash(block, blockhash)
hmap[hash] = (offset, bytes)
offset += bytes
if hash_cb:
msg = ('Failed to calculate uploaded blocks:'
' Offset and object size do not match')
msg = ('Failed to calculate uploading blocks: '
'read bytes(%s) != requested size (%s)' % (offset, size))
assert offset == size, msg
def _upload_missing_blocks(self, missing, hmap, fileobj, upload_gen=None):
......@@ -94,15 +94,14 @@ def path4url(*args):
def readall(openfile, size, retries=7):
"""Read a file until size is reached"""
from os import fstat
actual_size = fstat(openfile.fileno()).st_size - openfile.tell()
size = actual_size if actual_size < size else size
remains = size if size > 0 else 0
buf = ''
for i in range(retries):
buf +=
remains = size - len(buf)
if remains:
tmp_buf =
if tmp_buf:
buf += tmp_buf
remains -= len(tmp_buf)
if remains > 0:
return buf
raise IOError('Failed to read %s bytes from file' % size)
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