Commit e4ff4453 authored by Stavros Sachtouris's avatar Stavros Sachtouris
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Fix typo (permition --> permission)

parent 117ca598
...@@ -1161,8 +1161,8 @@ class Pithos(livetest.Generic): ...@@ -1161,8 +1161,8 @@ class Pithos(livetest.Generic):
"""Check permissions""" """Check permissions"""
self.client.set_object_sharing( self.client.set_object_sharing(
obj, obj,
read_permition=['u4', 'u5'], read_permission=['u4', 'u5'],
write_permition=['u4']) write_permission=['u4'])
r = self.client.get_object_sharing(obj) r = self.client.get_object_sharing(obj)
self.assertTrue('read' in r) self.assertTrue('read' in r)
self.assertTrue('u5' in r['read']) self.assertTrue('u5' in r['read'])
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