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Update version and Changelog (new version)

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CHANGELOG for version 0.11
Bug Fixes:
- Make authentication lazy (#4300)
- Logs do not contain kamaki.clients pids by default [#4242]
- Replace page_hold method with pydoc.pager [#4279]
- Remove commands.pithos.DelimiterArgument, replace with ValueArgument
wherever it is used
- Replace print methods with member print methods in _commands.* [#4292]
- kamaki.cli.config is now a directory package [#4058]
- Modify progress bar handler in cli.commands to allow count down and timeout
- Make wait progress bars in cyclades CLI to count down to timeout instead of
progressing forward [#4352]
- Rename IP commands to new namespace and better names [#4422]
- New config option log_pid (default: off) can allow pid-logging [#4242]
- Expand kamaki.cli unitests for the following packages ( [#4058] ):
- Modify print methods in cli utils to use arbitary stream objects [#4288]
- Implement wrapers for cli.utils print methods, in _commands [#4292]
- Implement unittests for kamaki.cli.config [#4058]
- Implement --type=SOFT/HARD argument for server reboot [#4338]
The old argument -f/--force <==> --type=HARD is kept for bw compatibility
A warning message guides users to stop using it
- Catch Keyboard Interupts in cli wait methods and exit gracefully [#4351]
- Add -R/--recursive in file listing, to list containers with their contents
- Add -w/--wait to server firewall set [#4298]
- Add --output-format where applicable, keep -j/--json too, for bw
compatibility [#4342]
- Allow metakeys in personality argument [#4312]
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