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('man/kamaki-shell', 'kamaki-shell', 'Interactive shell for managing clouds', '', 1),
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kamaki shell manual page
**kamaki-shell** [*group*] [*command*] [...] [*arguments*]
:program:`kamaki` is a simple, yet intuitive, command-line tool for managing
clouds. It can be used in three forms: as an interactive shell
(`kamaki-shell`), as a command line tool (`kamaki`) or as a clients API for
other applications (`kamaki.clients`).
Launch options
.. code-block:: console
-v Verbose output, without HTTP data
-vv Verbose output, including HTTP data
-d Use debug output.
-o KEY=VAL Override a config value (can be repeated)
--cloud CLOUD Cloud to be used for this shell session
:manpage: `kamaki(1)`
Shell Management Commands
Exit the interactive shell or a command namespace inside the shell
Execute commands on host system shell (e.g. bash)
Kamaki and API commands
The Kamaki and API commands are the same in both the CLI and the shell. For a
complete list of the common commands, check the "COMMANDS" section at the
following manpage:
:manpage: `kamaki(1)`
Synnefo development team <>.
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