Commit ce9ccb40 authored by Stavros Sachtouris's avatar Stavros Sachtouris
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Implement remotes support in Config and cli init

Refs: #3934

In Config:

Simplify guess_version heuristics (check if the following exist:
    global.url/token, remote-defaults)
Trasnlate files 'remote "name"' to 3-level dict and back
Implement rescue_old_file to convert config files to v3.0

In kamaki.cli:

Implement method _check_config_version
parent 14b9a185
......@@ -192,6 +192,31 @@ def _setup_logging(silent=False, debug=False, verbose=False, include=False):
kloger = logger.get_logger(__name__)
def _check_config_version(cnf):
guess = cnf.guess_version()
if guess < 3.0:
print('Configuration file "%s" is not updated to v3.0' % (
print('Calculating changes while preserving information ...')
lost_terms = cnf.rescue_old_file()
if lost_terms:
print 'The following information will not be preserved:'
print '...', '\n... '.join(lost_terms)
print('... DONE')
print('Kamaki is ready to transform config file to version 3.0')
stdout.write('Overwrite file %s ? [Y, y] ' % cnf.path)
from sys import stdin
reply = stdin.readline()
if reply in ('Y\n', 'y\n'):
print('... DONE')
print('... ABORTING')
raise CLIError(
'Invalid format for config file %s' % cnf.path,
importance=3, details=['Please, update config file to v3.0'])
def _init_session(arguments):
global _help
_help = arguments['help'].value
......@@ -202,26 +227,9 @@ def _init_session(arguments):
global _verbose
_verbose = arguments['verbose'].value
_cnf = arguments['config']
guess = _cnf.value.guess_version()
if guess < 3.0:
print('Missing an updated configuration file')
print('Updating configuration file without missing any information')
print('... ... ... DONE')
raise CLIError(
'Invalid configuration file %s' % _cnf.value.path,
importance=2, details=[
'Kamaki is now using a single authentication URL and token',
'To check if the single authentication URL is set:',
' /config get remote.default.token',
'To check if the single authentication token is set:',
' /config get remote.default.token',
'To set the default authentication URL and token:'
' /config set remote.default.url <URL>',
' /config set remote.default.token <token>'])
raise CLIError(
'Your file is OK, but kamaki is under contruction, sorry',
'Your file is OK, but i am not ready to proceed',
importance=3, details=['DO NOT PANIC, EXIT THE BUILDING QUIETLY'])
global _colors
......@@ -38,6 +38,8 @@ from collections import defaultdict
from ConfigParser import RawConfigParser, NoOptionError, NoSectionError
from re import match
from kamaki.cli.errors import CLISyntaxError
from collections import OrderedDict
except ImportError:
......@@ -74,8 +76,8 @@ DEFAULTS = {
'config_cli': 'config',
'history_cli': 'history'
# Optional command specs:
# 'livetest': 'livetest',
# 'astakos': 'snf-astakos'
# 'livetest_cli': 'livetest',
# 'astakos_cli': 'snf-astakos'
......@@ -104,7 +106,12 @@ class Config(RawConfigParser):
assert False, 'Config.__init__: translate remotes to dict first'
for section in self.sections():
r = self._remote_name(section)
if r:
for k, v in self.items(section):
self.set_remote(r, k, v)
def _remote_name(full_section_name):
......@@ -112,11 +119,96 @@ class Config(RawConfigParser):
return matcher.groups()[0] if matcher else None
def rescue_old_file(self):
# global.url, global.token --> remote.default.url, remote.default.token
# remove global.url, global.token
# translation for <service> or <command> settings
# <service> or <command group> settings --> translation --> global
lost_terms = []
global_terms = DEFAULTS['global'].keys()
translations = dict(
config=dict(serv='', cmd='config'),
history=dict(serv='', cmd='history'),
pithos=dict(serv='pithos', cmd='file'),
file=dict(serv='pithos', cmd='file'),
store=dict(serv='pithos', cmd='file'),
storage=dict(serv='pithos', cmd='file'),
image=dict(serv='plankton', cmd='image'),
plankton=dict(serv='plankton', cmd='image'),
compute=dict(serv='compute', cmd=''),
cyclades=dict(serv='compute', cmd='server'),
server=dict(serv='compute', cmd='server'),
flavor=dict(serv='compute', cmd='flavor'),
network=dict(serv='compute', cmd='network'),
astakos=dict(serv='astakos', cmd='user'),
user=dict(serv='astakos', cmd='user'),
for s in self.sections():
if s in ('global'):
# global.url, global.token -->
# remote.default.url, remote.default.token
for term in set(self.keys(s)).difference(global_terms):
if term not in ('url', 'token'):
lost_terms.append('%s.%s = %s' % (
s, term, self.get(s, term)))
self.remove_option(s, term)
gval = self.get(s, term)
cval = self.get_remote('default', term)
if gval and cval and (
gval.lower().strip('/') != cval.lower().strip('/')):
raise CLISyntaxError(
'Conflicting values for default %s' % term,
importance=2, details=[
' global.%s: %s' % (term, gval),
' remote.default.%s: %s' % (term, cval),
'Please remove one of them manually:',
' /config delete global.%s' % term,
' or'
' /config delete remote.default.%s' % term,
'and try again'])
elif gval:
print('... rescue %s.%s => remote.default.%s' % (
s, term, term))
self.set_remote('default', term, gval)
self.remove_option(s, term)
# translation for <service> or <command> settings
# <service> or <command group> settings --> translation --> global
elif s in translations:
if s in ('history',):
k = 'file'
v = self.get(s, k)
if v:
print('... rescue %s.%s => global.%s_%s' % (
s, k, s, k))
self.set('global', '%s_%s' % (s, k), v)
self.remove_option(s, k)
trn = translations[s]
for k, v in self.items(s, False):
if v and k in ('cli',):
print('... rescue %s.%s => global.%s_cli' % (
s, k, trn['cmd']))
self.set('global', 'file_cli', v)
elif v and k in ('url', 'token'):
'... rescue %s.%s => remote.default.%s_%s' % (
s, k, trn['serv'], k))
self.set_remote('default', 'pithos_%s' % k, v)
elif v:
lost_terms.append('%s.%s = %s' % (s, k, v))
# self.pretty_print()
return lost_terms
def pretty_print(self):
for s in self.sections():
print s
for k, v in self.items(s):
if isinstance(v, dict):
print '\t', k, '=> {'
for ki, vi in v.items():
print '\t\t', ki, '=>', vi
print '\t', k, '=>', v
def guess_version(self):
checker = Config(self.path, with_defaults=False)
......@@ -128,14 +220,37 @@ class Config(RawConfigParser):
return 2.0
log.warning('........ nope')
log.warning('Config file heuristic 2: at least 1 remote section ?')
for section in sections:
if self._remote_name(section):
log.warning('... found %s section' % section)
if 'remotes' in sections:
for r in self.keys('remotes'):
log.warning('... found remote "%s"' % r)
return 3.0
log.warning('........ nope')
log.warning('All heuristics failed, cannot decide')
return 0.0
def get_remote(self, remote, option):
:param remote: (str) remote cloud alias
:param option: (str) option in remote cloud section
:returns: (str) the value assigned on this option
:raises KeyError: if remote or remote's option does not exist
r = self.get('remotes', remote)
if not r:
raise KeyError('Remote "%s" does not exist' % remote)
return r[option]
def set_remote(self, remote, option, value):
d = self.get('remotes', remote)
except KeyError:
d[option] = value
self.set('remotes', remote, d)
def _load_defaults(self):
for section, options in DEFAULTS.items():
for option, val in options.items():
......@@ -190,9 +305,13 @@ class Config(RawConfigParser):
self._overrides[section][option] = value
def write(self):
for r, d in self.items('remotes'):
for k, v in d.items():
self.set('remote "%s"' % r, k, v)
with open(self.path, 'w') as f:
os.chmod(self.path, 0600)
assert False, 'Config.write: Trasnlate remotes to file first'
RawConfigParser.write(self, f)
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