Commit cdeadadc authored by Stavros Sachtouris's avatar Stavros Sachtouris
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Initialize tests for kamaki.cli.utils

Refs: #4058
parent ca2e057f
......@@ -279,6 +279,76 @@ class LoggerMethods(TestCase):
GL.assert_called_once_with('my logger name')
class UtilsMethods(TestCase):
def assert_dicts_are_equal(self, d1, d2):
for k, v in d1.items():
self.assertTrue(k in d2)
if isinstance(v, dict):
self.assert_dicts_are_equal(v, d2[k])
self.assertEqual(unicode(v), unicode(d2[k]))
def test_guess_mime_type(self):
from kamaki.cli.utils import guess_mime_type
from mimetypes import guess_type
for args in product(
('file.txt', 'file.png', '', 'file.gz', None, 'X'),
('a type', None),
('an/encoding', None)):
filename, ctype, cencoding = args
if filename:
exp_type, exp_enc = guess_type(filename)
(exp_type or ctype, exp_enc or cencoding))
self.assertRaises(AssertionError, guess_mime_type, *args)
def test_pretty_keys(self):
from kamaki.cli.utils import pretty_keys
for args, exp in (
({'k1': 'v1', 'k1_k2': 'v2'}, ),
{'k1': 'v1', 'k1 k2': 'v2'}),
({'k1': 'v1', 'k1_k2': 'v2'}, '1'),
{'k': 'v1', 'k _k2': 'v2'}),
({'k1_k2': 'v1', 'k1': {'k2': 'v2', 'k2_k3': 'v3'}}, ),
{'k1 k2': 'v1', 'k1': {'k2': 'v2', 'k2_k3': 'v3'}}),
{'k1_k2': 'v1', 'k1': {'k2': 'v2', 'k2_k3': 'v3'}},
{'k1 k2': 'v1', 'k1': {'k2': 'v2', 'k2 k3': 'v3'}}),
'k1_k2': {'k_1': 'v_1', 'k_2': {'k_3': 'v_3'}},
'k1': {'k2': 'v2', 'k2_k3': 'v3'}},
'k1 k2': {'k 1': 'v_1', 'k 2': {'k 3': 'v_3'}},
'k1': {'k2': 'v2', 'k2 k3': 'v3'}}),
'k1_k2': {'k_1': 'v_1', 'k_2': {'k_3': 'v_3'}},
'k1': {'k2': 'v2', 'k2_k3': 'v3'}},
'k _k2': {'k_': 'v_1', 'k_2': {'k_3': 'v_3'}},
'k': {'k2': 'v2', 'k2_k3': 'v3'}})
initial = dict(args[0])
self.assert_dicts_are_equal(pretty_keys(*args), exp)
self.assert_dicts_are_equal(initial, args[0])
# TestCase auxiliary methods
def runTestCase(cls, test_name, args=[], failure_collector=[]):
......@@ -100,17 +100,14 @@ def remove_colors():
red = yellow = magenta = bold = dummy
def pretty_keys(d, delim='_', recurcive=False):
"""<term>delim<term> to <term> <term> transformation
new_d = {}
for key, val in d.items():
new_key = key.split(delim)[-1]
if recurcive and isinstance(val, dict):
new_val = pretty_keys(val, delim, recurcive)
new_val = val
new_d[new_key] = new_val
def pretty_keys(d, delim='_', recursive=False):
"""<term>delim<term> to <term> <term> transformation"""
new_d = dict(d)
for k, v in d.items():
new_v = new_d.pop(k)
new_d[k.replace(delim, ' ').strip()] = pretty_keys(
new_v, delim, True) if (
recursive and isinstance(v, dict)) else new_v
return new_d
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