Commit c89d5f34 authored by Stavros Sachtouris's avatar Stavros Sachtouris
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Mock calls to kamaki.cli.config.Config methods

Refs: #4058
parent 2227e163
......@@ -31,16 +31,18 @@
# interpreted as representing official policies, either expressed
# or implied, of GRNET S.A.
#from mock import patch, call
from mock import patch, call
from unittest import TestCase
from StringIO import StringIO
from sys import stdin, stdout
#from itertools import product
from kamaki.cli import argument
from kamaki.cli.config import Config
cnf_path = 'kamaki.cli.config.Config'
class Argument(TestCase):
def test___init__(self):
......@@ -89,12 +91,6 @@ class Argument(TestCase):
class ConfigArgument(TestCase):
# A cloud name in config with a URL but no TOKEN
SEMI_CLOUD = 'production'
# A cloud name that is not configured in config
def setUp(self):
argument._config_arg = argument.ConfigArgument('Recovered Path')
......@@ -110,19 +106,33 @@ class ConfigArgument(TestCase):
def test_get(self):
c = argument._config_arg
c.value = None
self.assertEqual(c.value.get('global', 'config_cli'), 'config')
with patch('%s.get' % cnf_path, return_value='config') as get:
self.assertEqual(c.value.get('global', 'config_cli'), 'config')
self.assertEqual(get.mock_calls[-1], call('global', 'config_cli'))
def test_groups(self):
@patch('%s.keys' % cnf_path, return_value=(
'image_cli', 'config_cli', 'history_cli', 'file'))
def test_groups(self, keys):
c = argument._config_arg
c.value = None
'image', 'config', 'history']))
def test_cli_specs(self):
cset = set(c.groups)
self.assertTrue(cset.issuperset(['image', 'config', 'history']))
self.assertEqual(keys.mock_calls[-1], call('global'))
self.assertFalse('file' in cset)
self.assertEqual(keys.mock_calls[-1], call('global'))
@patch('%s.items' % cnf_path, return_value=(
('image_cli', 'image'), ('file', 'pithos'),
('config_cli', 'config'), ('history_cli', 'history')))
def test_cli_specs(self, items):
c = argument._config_arg
c.value = None
cset = set(c.cli_specs)
('image', 'image'), ('config', 'config'), ('history', 'history')]))
self.assertEqual(items.mock_calls[-1], call('global'))
self.assertFalse(cset.issuperset([('file', 'pithos'), ]))
self.assertEqual(items.mock_calls[-1], call('global'))
def test_get_global(self):
c = argument._config_arg
......@@ -131,23 +141,24 @@ class ConfigArgument(TestCase):
('config_cli', 'config'),
('image_cli', 'image'),
('history_cli', 'history')):
self.assertEqual(c.get_global(k), v)
with patch('%s.get_global' % cnf_path, return_value=v) as gg:
self.assertEqual(c.get_global(k), v)
self.assertEqual(gg.mock_calls[-1], call(k))
def test_get_cloud(self):
"""test_get_cloud (!! hard-set SEMI/INVALID_CLOUD to run this !!)"""
c = argument._config_arg
c.value = None
if not self.SEMI_CLOUD:
'\n\tA cloud name set in config file with URL but no TOKEN: ')
self.SEMI_CLOUD = stdin.readline()[:-1]
self.assertTrue(len(c.get_cloud(self.SEMI_CLOUD, 'url')) > 0)
self.assertRaises(KeyError, c.get_cloud, self.SEMI_CLOUD, 'token')
if not self.INVALID_CLOUD:
stdout.write('\tok\n\tA cloud name NOT in your config file: ')
self.INVALID_CLOUD = stdin.readline()[:-1]
self.assertRaises(KeyError, c.get_cloud, self.INVALID_CLOUD, 'url')
with patch(
'%s.get_cloud' % cnf_path,
return_value='http://cloud') as get_cloud:
self.assertTrue(len(c.get_cloud('mycloud', 'url')) > 0)
self.assertEqual(get_cloud.mock_calls[-1], call('mycloud', 'url'))
with patch(
'%s.get_cloud' % cnf_path,
side_effect=KeyError('no token')) as get_cloud:
self.assertRaises(KeyError, c.get_cloud, 'mycloud', 'token')
self.assertRaises(KeyError, c.get_cloud, invalidcloud, 'url')
if __name__ == '__main__':
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