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CHANGELOG for version 0.8
CHANGELOG for version 0.9
Bug Fixes:
- Race condition with HTTP request path when threading (#3526, #3527)
- Fix bug where files with repeated blocks fail to upload (#3555)
- Fixed non-ascii character issues when managing container or object names and
data in pithos+ client (#3256, #3325)
- Made download cancellation more responsive (#3457)
- Gracious behavior when deleting a deleted network (#3547)
- Make OS/Storage list_object compatible to OS/Storage v2 (#3596)
- Minor typos or oversights (#3403, #3444, #3509)
- Rename some command groups: store --> file, astakos --> user (#3566)
- Create a command subgroup for cyclades/compute image commands. Plankton image
commands: kamaki image <command>, Cyclades/Compute image commands:
kamaki image compute <command> (#3490)
- Rename 'image public' --> 'image list' (#3566, 3490)
- Redesign HTTP connection mechanism: use an objpool-provided context manager
and simplify the kamaki http management. Merge kamaki.clients.connection
to kamaki.clients (#3526, #3527)
- Modify semantics for kamaki store *quota operations. Rename container quota
operations to containerlimit <get|set>. The term quota now refers to the
immutable account quota (#3541)
- Remove quotaholder module from kamaki (#3587)
- Create network uses a default network type (#3514)
- Enforce uniformity to runtime arguments: first the short then the long form
e.g. -f, --force. Add a short or long format in common runtimes (#3456)
- Change the names of command group specifications from <command>_cli to <api>.
Config files must be updated accordingly (#3566)
- Require progress
- Allow request logging into a file. Let user set the log_file parameter in
configuration file to specify where to log. (#3441)
- Remove token and http data logging let user allow them by setting log_token
and log_data configuration options (#3441)
- Make maximum threads a configuration option (max_threads, #3546)
- Suggest user to install ansicolors (#3367)
- Extensive unittests in kamaki.clients, that cover all cases (#3228, #3229)
- New runtime options in pithos+ client interface (now known as "kamaki file")
allow operations between differernt users/accounts (#3230)
- Intuitive pithos+ client semantics. Affect copy, move, upload (#3310, 3536)
- Expose connection pool size (all api methods, #3422) and etag-if-match
(upload, #3574)
- Image register returns info on registered image, in success. Affected both
the api and the cli (#3512)
- Add name and owner filtering to image list. Name can also be partially
filtered (#3513)
- Upload the contents of a directory, recursively, check preconditions before
uploading (#3536)
This document describes changes and steps to upgrade from kamaki 0.7.X to kamaki 0.8
This document describes changes and steps to upgrade from kamaki 0.8.X to kamaki 0.9
This document refers to users who:
- use the kamaki command line
- load configuration options with the kamaki.cli.config
Notable changes:
- Make progress (>= 1.1) module a requirement (was a suggestion)
- log http requests to ~/.kamaki.log
- Rename some command groups:
store --> file
astakos --> user
- Rename some mandatory configuration options:
astakos.url --> user.url,
store.url --> file.url
- Do not require <cmd group>.cli (cli specification) field in configuration file, use it only to override default values.
- Change the naming convention for cli specifications by loosing the _cli suffix:
<cmd group>_cli --> <cmd group>
- Seperate kamaki image commands based on whether they make requests to Plankton or Cyclades.
Plankton image commands: kamaki image <action>
Cyclades image commands: kamaki image compute <action>
- Rename: kamaki image public --> kamaki image list
- Change letter case for recursive download runtime argument:
kamaki store download -r <container>:<path> [local destination]
kamaki file download -R <container>:<path> [local destination]
Suggested upgrade method:
1. Backup the .kamakirc file (usually stored as ~/.kamakirc). E.g.:
cp ~/.kamakirc ~/tmp/.kamakirc.bu
2. Upgrade kamaki (refer to your installation method). E.g. if installed from pypi:
pip install --upgrade kamaki
3. Download the script bellow:
For Linux, OS X, *nix, systems that run bash:
For windows:
and run it from command line. This script will modify the default .kamakirc file in order to comply with version 0.8
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