Commit b7de6c12 authored by Stavros Sachtouris's avatar Stavros Sachtouris

Add named arguments to project_create

parent 7ce0ffb3
......@@ -39,9 +39,11 @@ from kamaki.clients.astakos import LoggedAstakosClient
from kamaki.cli.commands import (
_command_init, errors, _optional_json, addLogSettings, _name_filter)
from kamaki.cli.command_tree import CommandTree
from kamaki.cli.errors import CLIBaseUrlError, CLISyntaxError, CLIError
from kamaki.cli.errors import (
CLIBaseUrlError, CLISyntaxError, CLIError, CLIInvalidArgument)
from kamaki.cli.argument import (
FlagArgument, ValueArgument, IntArgument, CommaSeparatedListArgument)
FlagArgument, ValueArgument, IntArgument, CommaSeparatedListArgument,
KeyValueArgument, DateArgument)
from kamaki.cli.utils import format_size, filter_dicts_by_dict
# Mandatory
......@@ -597,20 +599,17 @@ class endpoint_list(
_project_specs = """{
"name": name,
"owner": uuid,
"homepage": homepage, # optional
"description": description, # optional
"comments": comments, # optional
"start_date": date, # optional
"owner": uuid, # if omitted, request user assumed
"homepage": homepage, # optional
"description": description, # optional
"comments": comments, # optional
"start_date": date, # optional
"end_date": date,
"join_policy": "auto" | "moderated" | "closed", # default: "moderated"
"leave_policy": "auto" | "moderated" | "closed", # default: "auto"
"resources": {"cyclades.vm": {
"project_capacity": int or null,
"member_capacity": int
"leave_policy": "auto" | "moderated" | "closed", # default: "auto"
"resources": {
"cyclades.vm": {"project_capacity": int, "member_capacity": int
def apply_notification(func):
......@@ -664,32 +663,119 @@ class project_info(_init_synnefo_astakosclient, _optional_json):
class PolicyArgument(ValueArgument):
"""A Policy argument"""
policies = ('auto', 'moderated', 'closed')
def value(self):
return getattr(self, '_value', None)
def value(self, new_policy):
if new_policy:
if new_policy.lower() in self.policies:
self._value = new_policy.lower()
raise CLIInvalidArgument(
'Invalid value for %s' % self.lvalue, details=[
'Valid values: %s' % ', '.join(self.policies)])
class ProjectResourceArgument(KeyValueArgument):
""""A <resource>=<member_capacity>,<project_capacity> argument e.g.,
--resource cyclades.cpu=5,1"""
def value(self):
return super(ProjectResourceArgument, self).value
def value(self, key_value_pairs):
if key_value_pairs:
super(ProjectResourceArgument, self.__class__).value.fset(
self, key_value_pairs)
d = dict(self._value)
for key, value in d.items():
member_capacity, project_capacity = value.split(',')
member_capacity = int(member_capacity)
project_capacity = int(project_capacity)
assert member_capacity <= project_capacity
except Exception as e:
raise CLIInvalidArgument(
'Invalid resource value %s' % value, details=[
' %s %s=<member_capacity>,<project_capacity>' % (
self.lvalue, key),
'where both capacities are integers',
'and member_capacity <= project_capacity', '',
'(%s)' % e])
self._value[key] = dict(
class project_create(_init_synnefo_astakosclient, _optional_json):
"""Apply for a new project (enter data though standard input or file path)
Project details must be provided as a json-formated dict from the
standard input, or through a file
__doc__ += _project_specs
"""Apply for a new project"""
arguments = dict(
'Specification file path (content must be in json)', '--spec-file')
'Specification file (contents in json)', '--spec-file'),
project_name=ValueArgument('Name the project', '--name'),
owner_uuid=ValueArgument('Project owner', '--owner'),
homepage_url=ValueArgument('Project homepage', '--homepage'),
description=ValueArgument('Describe the project', '--description'),
start_date=DateArgument('When to start the project', '--start-date'),
end_date=DateArgument('When to end the project', '--end-date'),
'Set join policy (%s)' % ', '.join(PolicyArgument.policies),
'Set leave policy (%s)' % ', '.join(PolicyArgument.policies),
'Set the member and project capacities for resources (repeatable) '
'e.g., --resource cyclades.cpu=1,5 means "members will have at '
'most 1 cpu but the project will have at most 5" To see all '
'resources: kamaki resource list',
required = ['specs_path', 'project_name', 'end_date']
def _run(self):
input_stream = open(abspath(self['specs_path'])) if (
self['specs_path']) else self._in
specs = load(input_stream)
self.client.create_project(specs), self.print_dict)
specs = dict()
if self['specs_path']:
with open(abspath(self['specs_path'])) as f:
specs = load(f)
for key, arg in (
('name', self['project_name']),
('owner', self['owner_uuid']),
('homepage', self['homepage_url']),
('description', self['description']),
('start_date', self['start_date']),
('end_date', self['end_date']),
('join_policy', self['join_policy']),
('leave_policy', self['leave_policy']),
('resources', self['resource_capacities'])):
if arg:
specs[key] = arg
self._print(self.client.create_project(specs), self.print_dict)
def main(self):
super(self.__class__, self)._run()
self._req2 = [arg for arg in self.required if arg != 'specs_path']
if not (self['specs_path'] or all(self[arg] for arg in self._req2)):
raise CLIInvalidArgument('Insufficient arguments', details=[
'Both of the following arguments are needed:',
', '.join([self.arguments[arg].lvalue for arg in self._req2]),
'OR provide a spec file (json) with %s' % self.arguments[
'OR combine arguments (higher priority) with a file'])
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