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Update changelog and readme.updte

Refs: #4340
parent fa7d08b6
......@@ -5,12 +5,13 @@ Bug Fixes:
1. Make astakosclient a mantatory requirement for kamaki [#4312]
2. Make post_user_catalogs obsolete, but keep for one more version [#4337]
3. Rename user commands for cached account requests as /user session [#4340]
1. Cache user catalog calls [#4337]
2. Implement separate methods for uuid2usernames and v.v. [#4337]
3. Move all methods from to, with some remainings
3. Move all methods from to, with some renaimings
astakos_quotas/uuid/username/authenticate --> user_quotas/uuid2username/username2uuid/info
astakos_... --> admin_...
......@@ -11,3 +11,9 @@ uuids2usernames and/or usernames2uuids. bw compatibility is kept for version
$ kamaki config delete astakos_cli
$ kamaki config delete user_cli
3. /user commands have changed:
/user info --> /user session info
/user whoami --> /user session info
/user pick --> /user session select
/user add --> /user session authenticate
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