Commit a9598baf authored by Stavros Sachtouris's avatar Stavros Sachtouris
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Make wait_* methods to behave gracefully in CLI

Refs: #4345, #4341
parent 176d8002
......@@ -77,18 +77,22 @@ class _service_wait(object):
def _wait(self, service, service_id, status_method, currect_status):
(progress_bar, wait_cb) = self._safe_progress_bar(
'%s %s still in %s mode' % (service, service_id, currect_status))
'%s %s: periodically check if status is %s' % (
service, service_id, currect_status))
new_mode = status_method(
service_id, currect_status, wait_cb=wait_cb)
if new_mode:
self.error('\n%s %s: status is %s' % (
service, service_id, new_mode))
self.error('\nTime out: %s %s still in %s' % (
service, service_id, currect_status))
except KeyboardInterrupt:
self.error('\n- canceled')
if new_mode:
self.error('%s %s is now in %s mode' % (
service, service_id, new_mode))
raiseCLIError(None, 'Time out')
class _server_wait(_service_wait):
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