Commit 973fbcad authored by Stavros Sachtouris's avatar Stavros Sachtouris
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Much faster download resume

Don't preload local file blocks, but load each one dynamically
only before it is downloaded, and compare
parent 624ee36f
......@@ -235,21 +235,6 @@ class PithosClient(PithosRestAPI):
def _filter_out_downloaded_hashses(self, remote_hashes, local_file, blocksize, blockhash):
#load file hashmap
file_hashmap = HashMap(blocksize, blockhash)
file_hashmap.load(local_file, hasattr(self, 'progress_bar_gen'))
for i, x in enumerate(file_hashmap):
local_hash = hexlify(x)
if local_hash in remote_hashes:
blockid = remote_hashes.pop(local_hash)
del file_hashmap
# continue
# raise ClientError(message='Local file is substantialy different', status=600)
def _get_block_async(self, obj, **restargs):
class SilentGreenlet(gevent.Greenlet):
def _report_error(self, exc_info):
......@@ -281,13 +266,24 @@ class PithosClient(PithosRestAPI):
return finished
def _dump_blocks_async(self, obj, remote_hashes, blocksize, total_size, local_file, **restargs):
def _dump_blocks_async(self, obj, remote_hashes, blocksize, total_size, local_file,
blockhash=None, resume=False, **restargs):
file_size = fstat(local_file.fileno()).st_size if resume else 0
if resume:
file_hashtool = HashMap(blocksize, blockhash)
flying_greenlets = {}
finished_greenlets = []
for block_hash, blockid in remote_hashes.items():
start = blocksize*blockid
if start < file_size:
existing_hash = hexlify(file_hashtool.get_hash(local_file, start, blocksize))
if existing_hash == block_hash:
if len(flying_greenlets) >= self.POOL_SIZE:
finished_greenlets += self._greenlet2file(flying_greenlets, local_file, **restargs)
start = blocksize*blockid
end = total_size-1 if start+blocksize > total_size else start+blocksize-1
restargs['async_headers'] = dict(range='bytes=%s-%s'%(start, end))
flying_greenlets[start] = self._get_block_async(obj, **restargs)
......@@ -326,9 +322,8 @@ class PithosClient(PithosRestAPI):
if dst.isatty():
self._dump_blocks_sync(obj, hash_list, blocksize, total_size, dst, **restargs)
if resume:
self._filter_out_downloaded_hashses(remote_hashes, dst, blocksize, blockhash)
self._dump_blocks_async(obj, remote_hashes, blocksize, total_size, dst, **restargs)
self._dump_blocks_async(obj, remote_hashes, blocksize, total_size, dst, blockhash,
resume, **restargs)
......@@ -90,6 +90,11 @@ class HashMap(list):
self.size += len(block)
def get_hash(self, fp, start, size):
block =
return self._hash_block(block)
def merkle(path, blocksize=4194304, blockhash='sha256'):
hashes = HashMap(blocksize, blockhash)
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