Commit 9730e234 authored by Dionysis Zindros's avatar Dionysis Zindros
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Explicit error message for offset/size mismatch.

To assist porting to Windows, offset/size mismatch when reading files is now
being clearly reported with detailed error messages.
parent 746f8419
......@@ -243,7 +243,12 @@ class PithosClient(PithosRestAPI):
offset += bytes
if hash_cb:
assert offset == size
if offset != size:
print("Size is %i" % size)
print("Offset is %i" % offset)
assert offset == size, \
"Failed to calculate uploaded blocks: " \
"Offset and object size do not match"
def _upload_missing_blocks(self, missing, hmap, fileobj, upload_cb=None):
"""upload missing blocks asynchronously.
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