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Fix sphinx warnings

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......@@ -411,7 +411,7 @@ class image_register(_init_image, _optional_json):
only automatically (e.g. image id). There are also some custom user
metadata, called properties.
A register command creates a remote meta file at
<container>:<image path>.meta
. <container>:<image path>.meta
Users may download and edit this file and use it to re-register one or more
In case of a meta file, runtime arguments for metadata or properties
......@@ -1609,9 +1609,9 @@ class file_permissions_set(_file_container_command, _optional_output_cmd):
. /file permissions set F read=A,B write=C
To share with everybody, use '*' instead of a user id or group.
E.g. to make file F available to all pithos users:
/file permissions set F read=*
. /file permissions set F read=*
E.g. to make file F available for editing to all pithos users:
/file permissions set F write=*
. /file permissions set F write=*
......@@ -384,9 +384,7 @@ class CycladesClient(CycladesRestClient):
def get_floating_ips(self):
:returns: (dict) {floating_ips:[
{fixed_ip: ..., id: ..., instance_id: ..., ip: ..., pool: ...},
... ]}
:returns: (dict) {floating_ips: [fixed_ip: , id: , ip: , pool: ]}
r = self.floating_ips_get()
return r.json
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