Commit 75ee7a88 authored by Stavros Sachtouris's avatar Stavros Sachtouris
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Remove obsolete method check_range

parent edab7ba7
......@@ -96,30 +96,6 @@ def raise_connection_errors(e):
def check_range(start, end):
:param start: (int)
:param end: (int)
:returns: (int(start), int(end))
:raises CLIError - Invalid start/end value in range
:raises CLIError - Invalid range
start = int(start)
except ValueError as e:
raiseCLIError(e, 'Invalid start value %s in range' % start)
end = int(end)
except ValueError as e:
raiseCLIError(e, 'Invalid end value %s in range' % end)
if start > end:
raiseCLIError('Invalid range %s-%s' % (start, end))
return (start, end)
class DelimiterArgument(ValueArgument):
:value type: string
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