Commit 72e2176c authored by Stavros Sachtouris's avatar Stavros Sachtouris
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Update Changelog for richer sharers output + calls

Refs: #4203
parent 9d3cd179
......@@ -12,6 +12,7 @@ Changes:
info --> user_info, user --> list_users
- Simplify listings (kamaki.cli.utils: print methods)
- Enrich client API docs with examples and astakos endpoint information [#4135]
- Show user names in /file sharers [#4203]
......@@ -43,4 +44,6 @@ Features:
- Guess mimetype when uploading and use it in upload [#4196]
- Add upload local image abilities to register [#4206]
New register args: --update-image-file=/local/path, --no-progress-bar
- Implement an astakos.post_user_catalogs call for getting usernames from a
list of user uuids [#4203]
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