Commit 6dfd55cb authored by Stavros Sachtouris's avatar Stavros Sachtouris
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Add json/optional output to astakos cmds

Refs: #3732
parent 1b73b4c1
......@@ -33,9 +33,10 @@
from kamaki.cli import command
from kamaki.clients.astakos import AstakosClient
from kamaki.cli.utils import print_dict
from kamaki.cli.utils import print_dict, print_json
from kamaki.cli.commands import _command_init, errors
from kamaki.cli.command_tree import CommandTree
from kamaki.cli.argument import FlagArgument
user_cmds = CommandTree('user', 'Astakos API commands')
_commands = [user_cmds]
......@@ -68,12 +69,16 @@ class user_authenticate(_user_init):
Token can also be provided as a parameter
arguments = dict(
json_output=FlagArgument('show output in json', ('-j', '--json'))
def _run(self, custom_token=None):
super(self.__class__, self)._run()
reply = self.client.authenticate(custom_token)
printer = print_json if self['json_output'] else print_dict
def main(self, custom_token=None):
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