Commit 6a2e5e55 authored by Dimitris Aragiorgis's avatar Dimitris Aragiorgis
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file: Fix download to handle '\' properly

With previous commit we fixed upload so that all local paths
are translated to remote paths with '/' as separator.

Here, during download, we translate remote paths to local ones using
os.path.sep as separator and then we use the os.path library to
create or manipulate them.
Signed-off-by: default avatarDimitris Aragiorgis <>
parent 5f833d2b
......@@ -1241,11 +1241,16 @@ class file_download(_PithosContainer):
and they are pretended to other objects in a very strict order (shorter
to longer path)."""
ret, obj = [], None
# The prefix is actually the relative remote path without
# the trailing separator.
prefix = self.path.rstrip('/')
if self.path:
# prefix here is the object's path we requested to download
if prefix:
obj = self.client.get_object_info(
self.path, version=self['object_version'])
obj.setdefault('name', self.path.strip('/'))
prefix, version=self['object_version'])
#FIXME: why is this needed????
obj.setdefault('name', prefix)
except ClientError as ce:
if ce.status in (404, ):
......@@ -1266,29 +1271,37 @@ class file_download(_PithosContainer):
' kamaki container download %s [LOCAL_PATH]' % (
rpath = self.path.strip('/')
if local_path and self.path and local_path.endswith('/'):
local_path = local_path.rstrip('/') or '/'
# We requested to download either a whole container or a directory
if (not obj) or self.object_is_dir(obj):
if self['recursive']:
if not (self.path or local_path.endswith('/')):
# Download the whole container
local_path = '' if local_path in ('.', ) else local_path
local_path = '%s/' % (local_path or self.container)
obj = obj or dict(
name='', content_type='application/directory')
dirs, files = [], []
objects = self.client.container_get(
result = self.client.container_get(
for o in objects.json:
(dirs if self.object_is_dir(o) else files).append(o)
# Find the final local path for each remote object
# [(remote name, final local path),.]
for o in result.json:
remote = o['name']
# First find the relative path of the object
# without the prefix and any leading '/'
relative = remote[len(prefix):].lstrip('/')
# Translate it to a valid path with proper separator
norm = relative.replace('/', path.sep)
# Append it to the desired local path
final = path.join(local_path, norm)
if self.object_is_dir(o):
dirs.append((remote, final))
files.append((remote, final))
self.error(r"%s -> %s" % (remote, final))
# Put the directories on top of the list
for dpath in sorted(['%s%s' % (
local_path, d['name'][len(rpath):]) for d in dirs]):
for dpath in sorted(p for _, p in dirs):
if path.exists(dpath):
if path.isdir(dpath):
......@@ -1301,13 +1314,12 @@ class file_download(_PithosContainer):
ret.append((None, dpath, None))
# Append the file objects
for opath in [o['name'] for o in files]:
lpath = '%s%s' % (local_path, opath[len(rpath):])
for opath, lpath in files:
if self['resume']:
fxists = path.exists(lpath)
if fxists and path.isdir(lpath):
raise CLIError(
'Cannot change local dir %s info file' % (
'Cannot change local dir %s into a file' % (
'Either remove the file or specify a'
......@@ -1320,10 +1332,10 @@ class file_download(_PithosContainer):
ret.append((opath, lpath, None))
elif self.path:
elif prefix:
raise CLIError(
'Remote object /%s/%s is a directory' % (
self.container, local_path),
self.container, prefix),
details=['Use %s to download directories' % (
......@@ -1336,30 +1348,21 @@ class file_download(_PithosContainer):
parsed_name, self.container)])
# Remote object is just a file
# The local path to be stored already exists
if path.exists(local_path):
if not self['resume']:
raise CLIError(
'Cannot overwrite local file %s' % (local_path),
details=['To overwrite/resume, use %s' % (
elif '/' in local_path[1:-1]:
dirs = [p for p in local_path.split('/') if p]
pref = '/' if local_path.startswith('/') else ''
for d in dirs[:-1]:
pref += d
if not path.exists(pref):
ret.append((None, d, None))
elif not path.isdir(pref):
raise CLIError(
'Failed to use %s as a destination' % local_path,
'Local file %s is not a directory' % pref,
'Destination prefix must consist of '
'directories or non-existing names',
'Either remove the file, or choose another '
ret.append((rpath, local_path, self['resume']))
# The local path does not exist.
elif path.sep in local_path:
# Delegate intermediate local dir cration
# to makedirs() inside _run()
d = path.dirname(local_path)
ret.append((None, d, None))
ret.append((prefix, local_path, self['resume']))
for r, l, resume in ret:
if r:
with open(l, 'rwb+' if resume else 'wb+') as f:
......@@ -1418,14 +1421,19 @@ class file_download(_PithosContainer):
self.error('Download completed')
def main(self, remote_path_or_url, local_path=None):
""" Dowload remote_path_or_url to local_path. """
super(self.__class__, self)._run(remote_path_or_url)
local_path, rpath = local_path or '.', self.path or self.container
if local_path.endswith('.'):
local_path = local_path[:-1] + path.basename(self.path.rstrip('/'))
elif local_path.endswith(path.sep):
local_path += path.basename(rpath.rstrip('/'))
# Translate relative remote path to local path with proper separator
# and without trailing '/'. If not given use the name of the container
rpath = self.path.rstrip('/').replace('/', path.sep) or self.container
# If remote path is /pithos/dir1/dir2/ then here we download dir2
base = path.basename(rpath)
# If local_path is not given use current dir
if not local_path:
local_path = path.join('.', base)
# existing_dir/ -> existing_dir/base
elif path.exists(local_path) and path.isdir(local_path):
local_path += path.sep + path.basename(rpath.rstrip('/'))
local_path = path.join(local_path, base)
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