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CHANGELOG for version 0.6.3
1. Clients API relies on objpool instead of snf-common for connection pooling
2. MS Windows compatiblity:
* adjust pithos interface
* adjust pithos client local fs handling
* progress bar configuration not to rely on unicode characters
* adjust hidden Clients API unittests
3. Update documentation:
* rearange text for easier setup
* document undocumented methods in Clients API and cli auxiliary methods
* MS Windows setup guide
4. Improve interface output:
* detailed description mechanism
* uniformity between shell and one-command
* various command-specific improvements
* new print_list, print_dict and print_item methods have:
- better indentation
- enumeration flag
- redundancy of presented information flag
* mechanism for more descriptive syntax errors and arguments help
5. Improve error handling:
* concrete mechanism for client error propagation
* catch some unhandled errors
* mechanism for detailed error descriptions
* context-specific errors
* showcase error handling in store_list
6. CLI Code restructure:
* Introduce ArgumentParseManager class to manage argument parsing
* Introduce a seperate one_command package for handling one_command
* clean-up main CLI code (move interface-specific methods to their pckgs)
7. New history capabilities:
* allow command ranges
* allow backward counting
* in-shell sequensial script-like execution of previous commands
8. Minor new features:
* store_publish returns publication url
* store_list can list with prefixes instead of full path
* hidden optional testing of quoted text and cli.utils.print_* methods
* shell prompt easy to modify
9. Bugfixes:
* Shell does not repeat previous command in case of error
* handle ValueErrors and KeyErrors
* config set values are effective immidiately
* unwanted argument inheritance in shell, removed
1. Introduce a quotaholder client (and primitive cli)
2. Enrich output responses and error reporting with instructions per command
3. Unified result output
4. Stabilize error handling (crashes are much less frequent)
5. Dynamic upper limit on threads when uploading
6. Update documentation
7. Restructure CLI code to clarify what is used in each interface mode
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