Commit 66ac22c9 authored by Stavros Sachtouris's avatar Stavros Sachtouris

Merge quota_info class to quota_list class

Side effect: class _quota is not needed, therefore merged to
quota_list as well
parent 87e1f6a5
......@@ -167,11 +167,14 @@ class user_name2uuid(_init_synnefo_astakosclient, _optional_json):
self._run(usernames=((username, ) + more_usernames))
class _quota(_init_synnefo_astakosclient, _optional_json):
class quota_list(_init_synnefo_astakosclient, _optional_json):
"""Show user quotas"""
_to_format = set(['cyclades.disk', 'pithos.diskspace', 'cyclades.ram'])
arguments = dict(
resource=ValueArgument('Filter by resource', '--resource'),
project_id=ValueArgument('Filter by project', '--project-id'),
bytes=FlagArgument('Show data size in bytes', '--bytes')
......@@ -183,24 +186,18 @@ class _quota(_init_synnefo_astakosclient, _optional_json):
[(k, format_size(v)) for k, v in resources[r].items()])
self.print_dict(quotas, *args, **kwargs)
class quota_info(_quota):
"""Get quota information"""
arguments = dict(
resource=ValueArgument('Quota for this resource', '--resource'),
project_id=ValueArgument('Quota for this project', '--project-id'),
bytes=FlagArgument('Show data size in bytes', '--bytes')
required = ['resource', 'project_id']
def _run(self):
quotas = self.client.get_quotas()
if self['project_id']:
quotas = {self['project_id']: quotas.get(self['project_id'])}
resources = quotas[self['project_id']]
except KeyError:
raise CLIError('User not assigned to project with id "%s" ' % (
self['project_id']), details=[
'See all quotas of current user:', ' kamaki quota list'])
quotas = {self['project_id']: resources}
if self['resource']:
d = dict()
for project_id, resources in quotas.items():
......@@ -210,6 +207,8 @@ class quota_info(_quota):
r[resource] = value
if r:
d[project_id] = r
if not d:
raise CLIError('Resource "%s" not found' % self['resource'])
quotas = d
self._print(quotas, self._print_quotas)
......@@ -218,20 +217,6 @@ class quota_info(_quota):
class quota_list(_quota):
"""Get user quotas"""
def _run(self):
self._print(self.client.get_quotas(), self._print_quotas)
def main(self):
super(self.__class__, self)._run()
# command user session
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