Commit 5ed87051 authored by Stavros Sachtouris's avatar Stavros Sachtouris
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Update 1st level _get tests for ComputeRestClient

Refs: #4139
parent e51c7d5b
......@@ -35,6 +35,7 @@ from mock import patch, call
from unittest import TestCase
from itertools import product
from json import dumps
from sys import stdout
from kamaki.clients import ClientError, compute
......@@ -119,30 +120,81 @@ class ComputeRestClient(TestCase):
FR.json = vm_recv
@patch('%s.get' % rest_pkg, return_value=FR())
def _test_get(self, service, get):
for args in product(
def test_limits_get(self, get):
get.assert_called_once_with('/limits', success='some_val')
@patch('%s.set_param' % rest_pkg)
@patch('%s.get' % rest_pkg, return_value=FR())
def _test_get(self, service, params, get, set_param):
param_args = [({}, {k: k}, {k: v[1]}) for k, v in params.items()]
num_of_its = ''
stdout.write('# of iterations: ')
i = 0
for i, args in enumerate(product(
('', '%s_id' % service),
('', 'cmd'),
(None, False, True),
(200, 204),
({}, {'k': 'v'})):
(srv_id, command, success, kwargs) = args
({}, {'k': 'v'}),
(srv_id, detail, success, kwargs) = args[:4]
kwargs['success'] = success
srv_kwargs = dict()
for param in args[4:]:
method = getattr(self.client, '%s_get' % service)
method(*args[:3], **kwargs)
srv_str = '/%s' % srv_id if srv_id else ''
cmd_str = '/%s' % command if command else ''
self.assertEqual(get.mock_calls[-1], call(
'/%s%s%s' % (service, srv_str, cmd_str),
method(*args[:2], **srv_kwargs)
srv_str = '/detail' if detail else (
'/%s' % srv_id) if srv_id else ''
call('/%s%s' % (service, srv_str), **kwargs))
param_calls = []
for k, v in params.items():
real_v = srv_kwargs.get(k, v[1]) if not srv_id else v[1]
param_calls.append(call(v[0], real_v, iff=real_v))
actual = set_param.mock_calls[- len(param_calls):]
self.assertEqual(sorted(actual), sorted(param_calls))
if not i % 1000:
stdout.write('\b' * len(num_of_its))
num_of_its = '%s' % i
print ('\b' * len(num_of_its)) + ('%s' % i)
def test_servers_get(self):
params = dict(
changes_since=('changes-since', None),
image=('image', None),
flavor=('flavor', None),
name=('name', None),
marker=('marker', None),
limit=('limit', None),
status=('status', None),
host=('host', None))
self._test_get('servers', params)
def test_flavors_get(self):
params = dict(
changes_since=('changes-since', None),
minDisk=('minDisk', None),
minRam=('minRam', None),
marker=('marker', None),
limit=('limit', None))
self._test_get('flavors', params)
def test_images_get(self):
param = dict(
changes_since=('changes-since', None),
server_name=('server', None),
name=('name', None),
status=('status', None),
marker=('marker', None),
limit=('limit', None),
type=('type', None))
self._test_get('images', param)
@patch('%s.delete' % rest_pkg, return_value=FR())
def _test_delete(self, service, delete):
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